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Kevin Großkreutz’s pub settles accounts with Dortmund fans



Kevin Großkreutz's pub settles accounts with Dortmund fans

The “Mit Schmackes” pub, owned by former BVB player Kevin Grosskreutz, has criticized Borussia Dortmund fans. Those are said to have disregarded the reservation obligation of the catering trade in the championship-decisive 2-2 win against FSV Mainz 05 on the 34th matchday.

Accordingly, the restaurant had already been fully booked six weeks earlier. Dortmund supporters without reservations are said to have sat down and refused to release the reserved seats when asked.

“So we had to stop the entire sale for an hour from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. until we cleared our shop, in order to then let in all reservations AND also provide other fans with numerous standing places,” it said on the social media channels of the pub.

The BVB supporters are said to have brought their own cans and bottles and then left them in the restaurant.

BVB: Damage to property in the Großkreutz pub

There was also multiple damage to property: “Lightbulbs were twisted out of their sockets and trampled on the floor. A broken window in the front door, broken tables and some bad ratings because there was no more space. From sales compared to normal game days not to mention.”

Kevin Großkreutz himself admitted on Instagram: “I admit that I underestimated the number of guests and fans and that’s why I didn’t use a security service. This was a/my mistake and will not happen again.”

However, Grosskreutz also saw the city of Dortmund as partly to blame, since he believed that organized public viewing would have relieved the situation. However, the pay-TV broadcaster sky had already prohibited such a thing in advance.