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Leverkusen keeper Hradecky sees red against BVB



Leverkusen keeper Hradecky sees red against BVB

Bayer Leverkusen’s goalkeeper Lukas Hradeckys received an unnecessary red card in injury time in the Bundesliga game at Borussia Dortmund for a handball outside the penalty area.

After a long ball from Dortmund, the Finnish national goalkeeper plucked the ball out of the air in front of the rushing Marco Reus. The game initially continued, but referee Felix Brych received a tip from the Cologne basement and then looked at the scene in the review area. His verdict: red (90 + 2).

“From my point of view, I was in the sixteen and caught the ball in there. That was probably centimeters or millimeters,” said Hradecky after the 0-1 defeat. “I didn’t realize that was a red-worthy scene, otherwise I would have done something else.”

When asked if he hadn’t realized that he would be punished with a red card for this, Hradecky replied: “No, not at all. Maybe I should have paid more attention to the referee training…”

Curious: Since Leverkusen had already exhausted their transfer quota, a field player had to go in goal. After the shirt was passed around several times, central defender Edmond Tapsoba eventually moved between the posts. “The players decided that among themselves. You can’t have that much influence with this volume in the stadium,” said Bayer coach Gerardo Seoane sky.

Tapsoba was no longer tested. Reus put the due free kick over the box, shortly afterwards it was over.