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Lothar Matthäus’ 62nd birthday: His best sayings



Lothar Matthäus

Lothar Matthäus celebrates his 62nd birthday on March 21st. On this occasion, SPOX is showing an exquisite selection of linguistic highlights from his career.

Meanwhile, Matthew gives in his role as sky-Expert weekly assessments of what’s going on in European football – preferably of course about FC Bayern. However, his greatest pearls still come from his active time as a professional. see for yourself

Lothar Matthäus on little things

During a Bayern guest appearance in Anderlecht, TV expert “Loddar” said: “Jupp Heynckes is looking for a needle in a pile of straw.”

Lothar Matthäus on wisdom

The mother of all wisdom is also attributed to Matthew: “We mustn’t stick our heads in the sand now!”

Lothar Matthäus, actually a doctor

In the event of injuries, Lothar Matthäus naturally examines himself: “I noticed right away that it’s painful when you press on it.”

Lothar Matthäus on referees

He was bad at speaking to the referees a few times: “Referee is out of the question for me, more like something that has to do with football.”

Lothar Matthäus, the philosopher

His marriage to Lolita failed after five years, the reason for the separation was clear to Matthew: “One word led to another – we had nothing to say to each other.”

Lothar Matthäus’ best pick-up line

When Bayern met the women’s national basketball team at the airport, he let his charms play (meaning Adolfo Valencia): “Hey girls, our black one has the longest.”

Lothar Matthäus or Chuck Norris?

After 713 competitive games, it wasn’t over yet: “Lothar Matthäus doesn’t let his body defeat him, Lothar Matthäus decides his own fate.”

Lothar Matthäus, inventor of Franconian

Shortly before he moved to New York: “Everyone who knows me and who has heard me speak knows that I will soon be able to speak English so well – in six or even four weeks – and give interviews that every German can understand. “

Lothar Matthäus, a man of action

On his first PK, however, he only followed the announcement to a limited extent: “I hope we have a little bit lucky. I look not back, I look in front.”

Monsieur Lothar Matthäus: First or third person?

On the other hand, he refrains from using other foreign languages ​​with the utmost conviction: “Lothar Matthäus doesn’t speak French.”

Lothar Matthäus, a winner

Before his last tournament, the captain warned his team, but it was of no use: “Lothar Matthäus cannot afford to make a fool of himself.”

Lothar Matthäus: “Not only boom!”

During his tenure in Belgrade, Matthäus became philosophical again: “These are different exercises. Not only boom! The Serbs themselves are careless in dealing with opportunities.”

Lothar Matthäus, the sexist

The marriage to Liliana also fell apart: “Women have developed in recent years. They are no longer content at the stove, washing laundry and looking after the child. Men have to accept that.”

Lothar Matthäus to Christoph Daum: “Clear line”

After the cocaine scandal surrounding Christoph Daum, the 150-time national player had the right advice ready: “It is important that he now brings a clear line into his life.”

Lothar Matthäus, model of Plato

Never at a loss for a clear message, that’s why the fans love him: “I wanted to, but they weren’t allowed to let me.”

Lothar Matthäus in a rage

As an expert at Al Jazeera, he was blown away in 2011: “You think you can play with me? I’m not a child. I stay in Munich only for this fucking job tonight! Why do I respect when you don’t respect me? I canceled all my evening.”

Lothar Matthäus: From the extra sausage to the TV expert

Today he is better with the media. Matthäus once said: “I’m not an extra sausage, so I can live very well without the mustard of some journalists.”

dr Lothar Matthäus

“Yes, the back is the Achilles’ heel of the body.” Happy Birthday Lothar!