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Lothar Matthäus jumps to Julian Nagelsmann’s side after an “asshole question”.



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Record national player Julian Nagelsmann contradicted Dietmar Hamann’s harsh criticism and jumped to the side of Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann. He received a yellow card in a draw against Borussia Mönchengladbach after an “asshole question”.

Nagelsmann was “wrongly” warned, “because he complained about the yellow card for Joshua Kimmich and it was inappropriate,” wrote Matthäus in his sky-Column. Nagelsmann’s “enormous pressure to succeed” was noticeable, he was “perhaps under observation more than ever before”.

Despite the result, Nagelsmann “can be 100 percent satisfied with himself and his team after such a performance. And I assume that the pressure that he felt noticeably on Saturday well after the game has slowly eased off.”

The warning was fine for Nagelsmann, as he did after the game sky said: “I asked if the headset worked. Of course that was an asshole question from me. I got yellow for that.” Previously, he had not been at all satisfied with referee Daniel Schlager’s management and complained that all close decisions against Bayern had failed: “I think there were about 20 decisions that could have been made for both teams, and he always did decided for Gladbach, in every situation. I think it was a terrible performance by the referee.”

While Nagelsmann was clearly criticized for his choice of words by ex-national player Hamann (“A coach from Bayern Munich doesn’t have to say that. The choice of words bothers me.”; “That was too much for me, especially in the second half.”) Matthäus sees things more relaxed: “I think that’s completely fine. They’re footballers, asshole is a rather flippant formulation in Bavaria and I even find the word creation ‘asshole question’ creative. Maybe I’ll adopt it in my vocabulary.”

On the contrary, it would be wrong to “always demand emotions and types” “and then mock people over every little thing”.