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Mainz 05 vs. Union Berlin: Bundesliga NOW in the live ticker



Mainz 05 vs. Union Berlin: Bundesliga NOW in the live ticker

FSV Mainz 05 and Union Berlin open Sunday in the Bundesliga on Matchday 2. The meeting in the SPOX live ticker.

On matchday 2 of the 2022/23 Bundesliga season, Mainz 05 and Union Berlin will face off in a direct duel. Who wins? The 90 minutes here in the live ticker.

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FSV Mainz 05 – Union Berlin 0-0

Lineup Mainz 05
Zentner – Bell, Hack, Leitsch – Widmer, J.-S. Lee, Kohr, Aaron-Stach, Onisiwo-Ingvartsen
Lineup Union Berlin
Rönnow – Jaeckel, Knoche, Diogo Leite – Gießelmann, R. Khedira, Ryerson – Haraguchi, Haberer – Becker, Siebatcheu
yellow cards Karim Onisiwo (5th); –

Mainz 05 vs. Union Berlin: Bundesliga NOW in the live ticker – 1st half

27th: Gießelmann runs from the left, crosses into the penalty area, Ryerson runs to the right, but the subsequent attempt at a cross only results in the next corner kick. Harmless.

27th: It gets loud as Bone boils Onisiwo. Svensson had seen a foul by Knoche. But that was just clever.

25th: In the stands, the spectators are clearly struggling with the heat. And on the lawn it’s 10-15 degrees warmer. They would have preferred to experience/contested the late game.

24th: Maybe you can manage to equalize possession before the break. So far it’s 60:40 for Mainz. drinking break.

23rd: So far, Becker, who is involved in all actions, has clearly stood out in the offensive. Slowly Union developed a slight overweight.

20th: Standards are likely to become important. Union now has one of these. Free kick from the right half field. Gießelmann and Becker are ready to execute. Gießelmann executes, sends Becker to the baseline, aha, rehearsed, but Gießelmann’s ball comes so sharp that Becker can never really exercise control and only hits an emergency ball into the center. It remains harmless.

19th: In direct return, Gießelmann makes the next distance attempt for the Ryerson. But the shot slips completely, Zentner doesn’t have to do anything. There isn’t much banter in midfield anymore, you just have to divide your forces.

18th: Now onto the opposite side of the opposite side of the opposite side. So back to the origin. Surprisingly lively party. Mainz let the ball run well, Stach is brought into position from the sixteen. He tries flat, but right on Rönnow.

15th: On the opposite side also an appealing scene of the guests. Sure, otherwise it wouldn’t be on the opposite side. Becker runs the ball on the left, is fast enough. Then studies the Mainz defensive formation, lays across to Khedira in front of the penalty area, who immediately attacks from 17 meters, but is blocked.

13th: The first chance of the game comes after a corner kick for the hosts. Stach hits the corner halfway up the near post from the left, where Widmer flies low but can’t get the header all the way around. Pretty nice, but the question is whether the ball would have gone through the near post. There were also a few Berliners standing around, not forgetting Rönnow.

11th: Mainz very carefully, the build-up then runs over Zentner, who deflects the ball long, Rönnow can pick up, then deflects long, into the run on half left to Becker, who runs a few more meters before he fails at Zentner from an acute angle.

10th: A lot happens in midfield in the early stages. Duels, close duels characterize the beginning of the game. Mainz is a bit more active. We’re still a long way from the penalty area.

7th: Heat is all well and good, but the question arises as to how long this pressing, which both teams have cultivated from the start, can be sustained.

Mainz 05 vs. Union Berlin: Bundesliga NOW in the live ticker – Yellow card for Karim Onisiwo

5th: Schlager reaches into his breast pocket for the first time. He found the use of Onisiwo against Knoche too difficult. Clear line.

5th: It’s such weather, when a steep pass is played, quick switching and so on, if it’s just a tad too imprecise, you as an attacker think, “Really now?”.

3rd: The external conditions make this game a pure wear and tear battle. Keeping the enemy going and wearing them down sounds like a good plan. Possession of the ball is trump today.

1.: The game is on!

Mainz 05 vs. Union Berlin: Bundesliga NOW in the live ticker – before the start

Before start: In addition, the winner beckons for two hours – until the Bavarians are done with Wolfsburg – the table lead! That should actually be motivation enough. Whether in the 2nd division or in the upper house, games between Mainz and Union, at least when they took place in Mainz, were always close. There has never been a draw, and nobody at Bruchweg has won by more than a goal. Since both have been playing in the Oberhaus, Mainz has only won once against the Irons.

Before start: A little arithmetic game and at the same time a review of the two games from last season. With the points that Union got against Mainz, six in total, Mainz could have played ECL and Union would have had to do without international appearances this season.

Before start: Widmer, who is back in training after a stomach illness, was satisfied with the results so far, but also saw room for improvement. Against the Irons he runs for the first time in a home game as captain.

Before start: And no matter how impressive the success of the Irons against their city rivals was, the question arose after the game of how good Union really is and how bad Hertha. In any case, Urs Fischer could be satisfied with the way in which Union managed to win against Hertha over time.

Before start: Real conclusions cannot yet be drawn from the opening wins of both teams in the league. After a difficult game in Bochum, it was the first treble of the season for FSV, a bit lucky in the end, but with Burkardt and Widmer Bo Svensson also had to do without two very important players.

Before start: And so the iron run up after the successful derby: Rönnow – Jaeckel, Knoche, Leite – Ryerson, Haraguchi, Haberer, Gießelmann – Becker, Siebatcheu.

Before start: FSV goes into its first home game with this starting lineup: Zentner – Bell, Hack, Leitsch – Martin, Jae-Sung, Kohr, Widmer – Ingvartsen, Onisiwo, Stach.

Before start: In the early Sunday game, two teams face each other whose record after two competitive games is still flawless. In the DFB Cup, both the Rheinhessen and the Köpenicker have reached the next round. And of course both won the opening game in the league.

Before start: The venue is the Mewa Arena in Mainz, it starts at 3:30 p.m. Here you will not miss anything about the 90 minutes.

Before start: A 3:1 against Hertha in Berlin here, a 2:1 at VfL Bochum there: Both Union and Mainz 05 started the new Bundesliga season with a sense of achievement. However, one of the two will not be able to achieve a second win, because the teams meet on Sunday.

Before start: Hello to the live ticker!

Mainz 05 vs. Union Berlin: Bundesliga NOW in the live ticker – the line-ups

  • Mainz: Zentner – Bell, Hack, Leitsch – Widmer, J.-S. Lee, Kohr, Aaron-Stach, Onisiwo-Ingvartsen
  • Union: Rönnow – Jaeckel, Knoche, Diogo Leite – Gießelmann, R. Khedira, Ryerson – Haraguchi, Haberer – Becker, Siebatcheu

Mainz 05 vs. Union Berlin: Bundesliga live on TV and live stream today

What applied last season also applies this season: the Sunday games of the Bundesliga in Germany are exclusively played by DAZN transfer. The preliminary reports begin at 2.45 p.m., the moderator is Daniel Herzog. Uli lever comments, expert is Sebastian Kneißl.

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