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Majority against investors entering the DFL



Majority against investors entering the DFL

The majority of German football fans reject the planned entry of an investor in the German Football League (DFL). 58.0 percent of 1800 respondents spoke in a representative survey of the voting platform FanQ on behalf of the SID against the involvement of a donor, only 33.7 percent fans are in favor.

69.1 percent of the survey participants see the entry as the first step towards the end of the 50+1 rule. 76.4 percent fear possible influence by an investor. 72.9 percent believe that the big clubs in particular would benefit.

The investor is to acquire 12.5 percent of the shares in a subsidiary that has yet to be founded and to which the media rights will be outsourced, over a period of 20 years. This should bring in two billion euros. A meeting of the 36 professional clubs on May 24 will decide how to proceed.