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Majority of fans in favor of abolishing VAR



Majority of fans in favor of abolishing VAR

For more than half of German football fans, the VAR has no future. In a representative survey conducted by the FanQ voting platform on behalf of the SID, 59.7 percent of 1,400 respondents spoke out in favor of the abolition of video evidence. On the other hand, only 29.7 percent want to keep the technical aids.

Differences of opinion are even greater when assessing the impact of the VAR. 68.3 percent of respondents believe that technology has not made football fairer. Only 22.1 percent believe that they have ensured more justice.

50.9 percent rate the currently discussed introduction of a “challenge” by the trainers as “good” to “very good”, 32.0 percent consider the proposal to be “bad” to “very bad”. The demand to make the communication of the referees audible for the fans is judged in a similar way: 49.9 percent would welcome this, 38.0 percent reject it.