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Marco Reus – open future at Borussia Dortmund, fuss about Al-Nassr rumor: what’s next for the BVB captain?



Marco Reus, BVB,

Marco Reus as a teammate of Cristiano Ronaldo? The rumor about the BVB star and Al-Nassr recently caused a lot of excitement. Reus himself avoided a clear denial and thus further fueled speculation about his future. What’s next for the 33-year-old?

Marco Reus in yellow and blue instead of black and yellow? That doesn’t really fit into the picture, if only because of Dortmund’s rivalry with the royal blue Schalke. “Personally, I can’t imagine Marco Reus in Al-Nassr’s jersey,” said his BVB colleague Julian Brandt sports1.

For Reus himself, the idea is apparently not so far-fetched. At least the 33-year-old could have firmly denied the recent rumors about a change to the ensemble around superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.

Instead, Reus said: “For me it’s important that I stay healthy, take part in the entire training camp and the games. You’ll see the rest in the future, that’s what I have my advisor for.”

And Reus added: “Of course I’m looking ahead, I still have six months of contract, it would be wrong if I didn’t think about it.” But how likely is it that Reus and Borussia Dortmund will actually go their separate ways in the summer after eleven years?

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BVB: Marco Reus actually planned to end his career in Dortmund

Before the start of the season, the offensive star said with a view to his last year of the contract picture: “BVB is my club, Dortmund is my hometown and I would like to end my career here.”

Reus, who came from Gladbach in 2012 for 17 million euros, has been a top performer for years and, as captain, is also the face of the Dortmund team – provided his injury-prone body allows him to reach his full potential. This season, too, he was thrown back by protracted ankle problems and ultimately prevented from participating in the World Cup in Qatar.

“It wasn’t an easy time because there were always a few setbacks,” said Reus at the Dortmund training camp in Marbella. “I just want to be on the pitch, so it wasn’t easy for the head.” In the first test match against Fortuna Düsseldorf (5:1) on Tuesday, he led his team back onto the field as captain – and after a few minutes initiated the opening goal.

In any case, Reus still has a lot planned for the rest of the season with his BVB. “We’re in sixth place, we have other things to do,” he tried to focus on the sport. Qualifying for the Champions League is currently in serious jeopardy, but from a financial point of view it is vital for the club to survive.

BVB: Not only Marco Reus’ contract is expiring

But the longer Reus’ own future is not settled, it could also have an impact on Dortmund’s performance and seriously jeopardize the goals of the season. Just remember the grueling tug-of-war over Erling Haaland in the previous season. And with Jew Bellingham, who is also hotly courted, there is a threat of a similar drama by the summer. At the moment, however, the contract poker with Youssoufa Moukoko, who is free in the summer, is overshadowing a lot, which is why Reus apparently also lacks appreciation for him.

In view of the many expiring contracts, sports director Sebastian Kehl is required to create facts as soon as possible. This applies above all to well-deserved players such as Reus and Mats Hummels, whose working paper also ends in 2023.

“You have to consider that both are in the autumn of their careers. On the other hand, they are very deserving players for Borussia Dortmund, who also still have a high level of performance. Then you have to try to discuss it properly and reasonably when the intersection is so high,” said BVB Managing Director Hans-Joachim Watzke sky.

One is in exchange, added Watzke and spread confidence. “We will speak to both players in due course. After so many years that both have played for us, that shouldn’t be a big problem because it builds a trusting atmosphere.”

BVB: Marco Reus would probably have to reckon with a drop in salary

However, Reus, who is one of the top earners with his estimated annual salary of twelve million euros, would probably have to accept a drop in salary. Also because BVB wants to rely on more performance-related contracts in the future. “Since salaries have developed in this way over the past ten years, it is necessary to spread the risk a bit. Players then have to take risks,” explained Watzke. “We intend to do that, but of course we also know that sometimes it’s not that easy, you have to have a certain toughness for that. You have to be willing to say no sometimes.”

Although the reported sports picturethat the Dortmund management team has not yet made a final decision internally as to how and whether to continue to rely on Reus. But the captain, who is popular with the fans, is still of great importance as a draft horse. Reus himself is also firmly rooted in his homeland, so his open reaction to the Al-Nassr rumors could also be seen as a gentle push towards his club. Especially since Reus would certainly like to have clarity about his future soon so that he can then concentrate fully on the sport.

Of course, in the end, it’s also about the financial side. It should be clear to him that Reus has to make cuts at the age of 33. The potential millions in Saudi Arabia sound tempting on paper, but given the dubious human rights situation there, a move there would also scratch Reus’ image. It therefore seems more likely that Reus and Dortmund will find each other at the negotiating table than saying goodbye to Saudi Arabia.

Profile of Marco Reus
Birthday: May 31, 1989
Place of birth: Dortmund
Nationality: Germany
Size: 1.80 meters
Position: attacking midfield
Strong foot: to the right
Societies: PTSV Dortmund, Borussia Dortmund, Rot Weiss Ahlen, Borussia Monchengladbach