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Marvin Friedrich expresses sharp criticism



Marvin Friedrich expresses sharp criticism

Marvin Friedrich from Borussia Mönchengladbach has complained in no uncertain terms about his reserve role. The centre-back is thinking aloud about his future with the Foals given his situation.

The defender is still under contract with Borussia Mönchengladbach until 2026, but will only be on the bench in 2023. Friedrich now complained about this status in the sports picture. “I switched to Borussia with great ambitions. At the time, manager Max Eberl and coach Adi Hütter assured me that I should take on the role of the leading player here. My start was bumpy, no question. Also because my Corona had an infection,” said Friedrich, who came from Union Berlin in January 2022 for 5.5 million euros.

Friedrich continues: “But then I fought back. I give everything, offer myself. And yet I don’t play a role at all. I’m absolutely dissatisfied with the current situation and feel zero point zero trust.”

The 27-year-old, who is currently in the ranking behind Ko Itakura and Nico Elvedi and will only have two minutes in the Bundesliga in 2023, also criticized the way he was treated: “I went to the coach and manager myself a few weeks ago and told them described my dissatisfaction. Both showed understanding, but nothing has changed for me. I was given good training results and told that I was an important part of the team – unfortunately I don’t feel that.”

Friedrich is therefore thinking about his future. “Something has to change for me, it can’t go on like this. I wouldn’t have left Union for every club, but I just had the best feeling in Gladbach. But now it’s also about my perspective and my future,” he said .