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Max Kruse attacks teammate Maximilian Arnold



Max Kruse has harshly criticized Maximilian Arnold from VfL Wolfsburg.

Max Kruse has harshly criticized Maximilian Arnold from VfL Wolfsburg. The background is a previous jab by the Wolves captain against the striker who had been sorted out.

“I really like going to work, I’m usually here, not three and a half hours like Max Kruse, but also a little longer. I like to do something for myself and my body,” Arnold said in the podcast “FE: male view on football” of the table football said. It wasn’t the 28-year-old’s first critical statement about his team-mate.

Kruse couldn’t let that sit on him. On Friday, the 34-year-old picked up via Instagram to retaliate without mentioning the name Arnold.

“Friday evening, a perfect start to the weekend, you might think. You know: I’ve kept my mouth shut for a long time and haven’t said anything for five weeks. But apparently I’m just omnipresent in some heads. And someone always has to talk about me, no idea why, always takes me as an example, even if nobody asks him, “said Kruse.

Kruse’s next statement made it clear that the Wolfsburg veteran was meant: “Honestly, he says I only train for three and a half hours and he’s there longer, he pays attention to his body. We know what it’s about. Namely the one with less talent has to train more.”

Wolfsburg: Kovac taunts Kruse

Kruse is under contract with VfL until 2023. However, coach Niko Kovac already ruled out in September that the attacker could get another chance with Lower Saxony.

On Friday, Kovac insisted on teasing Kruse, who is currently unable to train due to a muscle injury.

When asked by a journalist what the results of the last investigation were, the 51-year-old replied: “The investigation shows that it is not yet how it should be to play football or to train. But he did not post that , Max?”