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mega salary! Premier League club apparently gets into poker around Youssoufa Moukoko



BVB: Youssoufa Moukoko allegedly wants an opt-out clause for top clubs

Youssoufa Moukoko appears to be beckoning a more than lucrative offer from Newcastle United. This is reported by the British daily newspaper Evening Standard.

According to this, the Magpies felt the BVB striker, who was free in the summer, and in the course of this already gave concrete numbers. The 18-year-old is said to have a weekly salary of 170,000 euros, which would correspond to an annual salary of almost nine million euros.

Moukoko’s contract expires at the end of the season. Negotiations with BVB about a contract extension have been going on for several weeks. He reportedly rejected the last offer with a salary of three million euros excluding bonus payments.

One of the reasons for Moukoko’s hesitation is said to be his high demand for earnest money, which BVB apparently does not want to meet. A corresponding payment is usual in the case of a free transfer. As the picture Dortmund would have offered him just over ten million euros, but Moukoko has so far refused to sign.

According to the Spanish Sports Moukoko is also said to insist on a release clause that would allow him to move to certain top clubs. Specifically, FC Barcelona is mentioned in the report.

However, Borussia has not yet given up hope of an agreement: According to information from sports1 talks with Moukoko’s advisors are to be resumed at the training camp in Marbella.