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Network reactions to 1: 1 at VfL Bochum: What are Kahn and Brazzo doing in the basement?




The people on Twitter reacted to controversial situations and referee decisions after BVB’s 1-1 draw in Bochum, which could cost the Black and Yellows the championship. Some seriously drew attention to important issues, others just make you laugh.

BVB network campaigns: wrestling in the Bochum sixteen

BVB network actions: Kahn and Brazzo on the buttons

BVB network campaigns: Markus Lanz also asks the sticky question

BVB network campaigns: Can’t you think of it…

BVB network actions: VAR – Robert Hartmann

BVB network actions: what are the consequences?

BVB network actions: No controversial whistles, but hope for VAR

BVB network campaigns: The view of Sky colleague Florian Schmidt-Sommerfeld

BVB network campaigns: the perspective of Collina’s heirs

BVB network actions: The reaction to the view of Collina’s heirs

BVB network campaigns: …

BVB network campaigns: Certified Flutschfinger Riemann’s Flawless 10/10 performance

BVB network campaigns: referees on the PK

BVB network campaigns: chief critic Manuel Graefe intervenes

BVB network actions: Please no cabin storms

BVB Netzeaktionen: The championship has not yet been decided