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News and rumours: Sébastien Haller explains Borussia Dortmund’s race to catch up



BVB, Borussia Dortmund, Sebastien Haller, 1. FC Cologne

Sébastien Haller commented on the situation shortly before the possible championship and BVB’s race to catch up. Meanwhile, Borussia Dortmund’s party planning is now certain. The news and rumors about BVB.

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BVB, News – Sébastien Haller: “Maybe we needed this pressure”

Striker Sébastien Haller is looking forward to the last match day of the Bundesliga and is looking forward to a party at Borsigplatz, where BVB would celebrate its championship.

In the sports picture said the Frenchman about this special place for Borussia Dortmund: “Sometimes I drive my car across Borsigplatz. But I absolutely want to see this square full of people. There are still 90 minutes to go, the last step has to follow now!”

Haller also admitted that he had already briefly dealt with this scenario: “Of course I have already seen a few video clips from title parties. Such pictures give me an extra boost. We all really want to be part of one special club moments.”

Haller is certain that you now have to “focus on the right things”, all background noise has to be hidden. He was referring to the last two games that Borussia Dortmund had played as leaders. It was 4-2 at Bayern and 1-1 in Bochum. A point loss against Mainz 05 on Saturday would open the door for FC Bayern to get past them one last time with a win in Cologne.

Haller admitted that it was easier for BVB to be the chaser, as the team always appeared “very self-confident, strong and dominant”. “Perhaps it wasn’t a disadvantage at all to always have to catch up on the last few days of the game: because of Bayern’s previous victories, we were like ‘Now we have to’ and not ‘Now we can’ – maybe we needed exactly that pressure. Now we have that one last game where anything can happen.”

BVB – Rumor: Special motivation against Bayern? Cologne beckons BVB champion premium

Warm rain of money as additional motivation for points against FC Bayern: 1. FC Köln will receive a six-figure bonus in the event that Borussia Dortmund becomes German champion on Saturday. That’s what he reported Express. The billy goats negotiated a corresponding clause when selling their top scorer Anthony Modeste (35) to BVB last summer.

The Frenchman, who shot Cologne into the Conference League with 20 Bundesliga goals in 2021/22, cost Dortmund five million euros as a base fee. Modeste should replace Sébastien Haller, who suffers from testicular cancer, at the Westphalian. Since he returned in January, Modeste (two goals, contract expires) has hardly had a chance.

On Saturday (3.30 p.m.), Cologne welcomes series champions Bayern Munich, who are threatened with a season without a title for the first time since 2012. A victory in the cathedral city is a prerequisite for the record champions to intercept BVB. At the same time, he receives FSV Mainz 05, which, like Cologne, has nothing to do with the European Cup and relegation.

BVB – News: This is how Borussia Dortmund plans the championship celebration

With a win against Mainz 05 on Saturday, BVB would be German champions on their own. The celebrations that would follow have now been announced.

Dortmund authorities expect at least 200,000 people to attend a BVB championship celebration, but the Dortmund fire brigade is planning a concept that “would tolerate twice the number of people”, as it became known at a joint press conference with BVB.

A motorcade including a truck with the team is planned, which would of course start at 12:09 p.m. on Sunday. It would start at the Westfalenhütte site via Borsigplatz to the city center. In addition, the team is likely to be entered in the city’s golden book.

The championship trophy would again be presented on the lawn and not in the stands as before. Christian Hockenjos, Director of Organization at BVB, announced this and at the same time appealed to the stadium visitors on Saturday not to storm the pitch: “The best way to watch the bowl handover is from your grandstand and not when I’m in a group on the standing on the lawn.”

Meanwhile, there will be no public viewing in the city on match day. It hadn’t been possible with the pay TV channels sky “to coordinate the rights in such a way that there would have been a transmission path that would have enabled us to do this”.

In addition, the local authorities appealed to celebrate peacefully in the event of a championship.

FC Bayern Munich vs. BVB: The rest of the program in the Bundesliga

Gameday BVB FC Bayern
34 Mainz 05 (H) 1. FC Cologne (A)