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Niklas Süle dreams of the beer king: “I want to lead the way”



Niklas Süle dreams of the beer king: "I want to lead the way"

To be on the safe side, Niklas Süle has not yet booked a holiday before the exciting Bundesliga season finale. “I haven’t planned anything after May 28th – with the hope that we’ll go to the Bierkönig if I do,” said the Borussia Dortmund international on Tuesday after training. “I hope something big is in store for us. I hear there’s a lot of celebration going on here.”

So if something should happen with the ninth championship title in the club’s history and a subsequent Mallorca team tour, Süle also sees himself challenged as a leading player: “If I can experience that, I’m one who wants to lead the way.”

Seriously, however, he declared that he would not be satisfied until he had won titles with Dortmund. “I always want to achieve the maximum,” he said, and spoke of “positive pressure. When you’re playing for a championship that you’ve been fighting for all season, it must be a nice feeling. We want to crown it and do our jobs .” Two games before the end of the season, Bayern Munich is one point ahead.

Süle, five times champion with the title rival before moving to BVB, believes that in the end better nerves will decide. “It feels like it’s been five, six, seven weeks since the finals. We made one or two mistakes, and so did Bayern,” he said. “Anyone who has the staying power will get the thing after 34 games.” He experiences the team as “incredibly stable, in a good mood, not tense”.