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“Often too drunk!” Ultras blame the other fans of the Royal Blues



"Often too drunk!"  Ultras blame the other fans of the Royal Blues

At Schalke 04, there have recently been frequent emergency calls from paramedics to the stands in the Veltins Arena at home games. In the game day magazine of the Ultras, “Blauer Brief”, about the last home game against Werder Bremen, the Ultras Gelsenkirchen now commented on the matter with a few pieces of advice.

It says: “The pictures of the home game against Leverkusen, in which a long-standing season ticket holder collapsed in the south stand and died despite the rapid initiation of resuscitation measures by the paramedics present, are certainly still clear in everyone’s memory.”

Other examples such as the games in Darmstadt and at home against Frankfurt are also mentioned. The reason for this word is that the Ultras noticed that the treatment of fans on the north curve is not about “typical” injuries “that you might get with pogo. Rather, those affected are often too drunk in their behavior completely uncontrolled or simply overestimate themselves.”

The authors of the letter are particularly concerned about this: “Whereas in the past it happened maybe two or three times in the season that someone collapsed at high temperatures, nowadays the medical service is called to the curve two to three times per game by shouts or gestures In almost all cases, the situation not only turns out to be absolutely avoidable, but also leaves me with a much greater concern: what if a person gets serious problems and the emergency services can’t because of such avoidable and sometimes simply overconfidence cases help immediately? What if I know this person, or if they are from my family or my circle of friends?”

Therefore, there is the following advice: “Pay attention to yourself or your friends before the game whether it makes sense to go to the narrowest part of the block after ten beers and look at your neighbor here and there.” And: “A tactical interlude has not harmed even the most steadfast drinker.”

Schalke 04, currently in 17th place in the table, only has one home game this season, namely on matchday 33 (May 20) against Eintracht Frankfurt.