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Oliver Kahn thinks “not for a second” about his contract



Oliver Kahn thinks "not for a second" about his contract

After the quarter-finals with Bayern Munich in the Champions League, Oliver Kahn rejected speculation about his future as club boss. “I’m not wasting a second at the moment worrying about my contract, it’s always about FC Bayern,” said Kahn on Thursday Picture.

The newspaper had previously speculated that Bayern’s CEO would “brutally wobble” after losing to Manchester City.

Kahn preferred to look ahead. “The sporting results that we have recently delivered do not meet our expectations. The goal is to bring FC Bayern back to exactly where they belong: to the top in all competitions. We will turn every stone to achieve this,” said the 53 year old.

This season, Bayern can only win the title in the Bundesliga, but Borussia Dortmund is breathing down the neck of the defending champions there too.