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Peter Fischer announces visit to Dachau before game at FC Bayern



"Remember how messed up this business is"

Frankfurt’s President Peter Fischer has announced a visit to the memorial of the former concentration camp in Dachau with a group of SGE fans before the Bundesliga game at FC Bayern next weekend.

“We take young people to places where it hurts and where millions of people were brutally murdered,” he said at an event commemorating the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp on January 27, 1945 – and declared the fight against the Nazis.

At the event on the new DFB campus in Frankfurt, which was chaired by President Bernd Neuendorf, he said that football had also failed in 1933: “Yes, we weren’t resistance fighters.”

Currently, however, he, who has often opposed right-wing extremists and the AFD, “represents a position of resistance. There is a filing cabinet about whoever wants to kill me. And that they are building a concentration camp for me, like my non-German one woman, I can tap my half-German son. But I’m not afraid.”

Instead, he shot at the “filthy Nazis, criminals who don’t wear uniforms like they used to, but ties.” It is necessary to show resistance more clearly, because: “They stink when you stand next to them. They are loud when they parade through the streets waving flags with their shithouse slogans. But we are too quiet. Fight back. Because we are more, we are stronger!”

Fischer: “Education policy is failing”

In addition to the trip to Dachau, Eintracht held events on this very important topic in the museum throughout the year. Above all, Fischer wants to sensitize children to this.

“Nobody is born a racist. That’s why our target group is in the kindergartens and the first school classes: That’s where the roots are, at that age children get messed up! And that’s where education policy fails.”