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Poland’s national coach wants a move to Liverpool



Poland's national coach wants a move to Liverpool

Robert Lewandowski wants to leave Munich, the trail leads to FC Barcelona. Poland’s national coach brings another club into play.

Poland’s national coach Czeslaw Michniewicz has gotten involved in the exchange theater around Robert Lewandowski and would like a very special club to be the next address for his star in the team. “I would like to see Lewandowski at Liverpool because I’m a fan of the club,” said Michniewicz.

However, it seems unlikely that the 33-year-old will actually switch to the Reds. FC Barcelona has been the preferred target for the Bayern striker for weeks.

He made it clear once again that he wants to leave as soon as possible with sensational statements at the Polish national team’s press conference on Monday. “My era at Bayern is over. I can’t imagine another good partnership. I hope they won’t keep me just because they can,” he said.

Bavaria’s CEO Oliver Kahn reacted no less clearly. “Such statements in public get nowhere. I think he should know what he has at Bayern,” said Kahn, adding: “Appreciation is not a one-way street.”