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President Gegenbauer will probably resign



President Gegenbauer will probably resign

According to media reports, Werner Gegenbauer has resigned from the office of President at Hertha BSC. This report that Business week magazine with reference to a confirmation by Gegenbauer and the picture-Newspaper. The club failed to complete the process SID-Do not confirm request at first. Hertha had only secured relegation on Monday with a 2-0 (1-0) in the relegation second leg at second division Hamburger SV.

However, Hertha announced that CFO Ingo Schiller will leave the club on October 31st. Both parties had agreed on an early termination of the contract. Schiller had been with the Berliners since 1998. Gegenbauer has been Hertha President since 2008, but recently disputes between him and investor Lars Windhorst had become public.

Windhorst said on Bild-TV in March that Gegenbauer was “very much concerned with maintaining his own power”, and that there were “cliques” and “tinkering”. He was not against the entire Presidium, he was “clearly against the top and their followers”. Windhorst had invested 375 million euros since joining in 2019.

Windhorst had already demanded that “something should happen” at the general meeting on Sunday. This means that the members “have to think about who can be a good new candidate”. Windhorst had also made it clear that he “cannot and will not invest any new capital with this leadership. But I would certainly invest new capital in the 1st and 2nd leagues to bring the investment and the club forward again if good people are also at the top of the club.”

Since Windhorst’s entry, Hertha had played almost exclusively against relegation, although the investor had once stated that Europe was one of his goals. Since then, the club has not rested. In the past season alone, three head coaches looked after the club. Felix Magath finally saved Hertha after Pal Dardai and Tayfun Korkut were sacked.