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Press conference with Thomas Müller today in the live ticker



Press conference with Thomas Müller today in the live ticker

As part of the FC Bayern Munich training camp in Doha, Thomas Müller will comment on current topics this Monday. SPOX accompanies the press conference of the offensive star in the live ticker.

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FC Bayern Munich – press conference with Thomas Müller in the live ticker

Müller about his favorite position: “I feel like I’m in good hands in the middle. It’s been like that my whole career. That’s where my strengths are. In the half-space and in the box. I’m most likely to be a candidate for the striker position and the position of the ten. It will be there too about performance.”

Müller on fitness at his age: “It’s well known that I go through life healthy. I try to turn the screws that are possible. But we have to differentiate between performance and the result on the pitch. You’ve been at the training ground longer. You take more time for it en Preparation and follow-up. I always try to find a good mix. I don’t need a five-hour massage. It has to make sense. If you want to enjoy, you can enjoy it. It doesn’t always have to be after a five- taste the star menu.”

Müller on his retirement from the national team: “Of course I was emotional after the game. It was a sad moment, especially because we won the game. But we were eliminated passively. I was on good terms with Hansi. As long as I’m a professional, I’ll always help the national team available. How the coach then decides depends on him. The goal is to get back to success with the German men’s national team. I’m there when the coach needs me.”

Müller on the national team and the return to Qatar: “You have to put up with one or the other saying. You try to process that. That hurt extremely. But we also have players from other national teams who had a similar experience. If you play a tournament with 32 teams, 31 won’t win . In your career you often lose big games, although I play in teams that win significantly more than others. You have to be able to deal with that. At the end of the day it’s just football, you can expect that from us.”

Müller on his injuries: “My back is fine. I’m physically very good overall. Of course, the phase in October wasn’t great for me personally. I had to watch the whole time. But it was good for the club, I think we have all the games I won there. I’m just trying to get fit as much as possible now and to help the team. We have seven or eight players up there fighting for positions. There were big discussions at the beginning when Robert Lewandowski left the club It was clear that it had to be spread over several shoulders. We’ve been doing it wonderfully so far. It worked without me and will hopefully work with me too.”

Beginning: Thomas Muller is here. It starts.

Before start: Müller wants to attack after the disappointing end of the World Cup with the German national team at Bayern. In view of the great competition, he has to fight for his place. “Basically, Thomas can play several positions, but the more central ones suit him the most. He’s very creative when it comes to staging players. It will be one of those positions,” said coach Julian Nagelsmann. How does Müller himself see the competition? And what about his future in the DFB team? The 33-year-old could comment on these topics at the press conference on Monday.

Before start: Bayern are currently struggling with major personnel problems. Manuel Neuer, Lucas Hernández and Sadio Mané are known to be missing in the long term. Most recently, Leon Goretzka also stopped training. But it was probably just a matter of load control.

Before start: FC Bayern is currently preparing for the rest of the season. FCB traveled to the Qatari capital Doha on Friday. Coach Julian Nagelsmann and his team stayed at the Aspire Academy for six days before returning to Germany for the final touches. The complete winter timetable of FC Bayern can be found here.

Before start: Welcome to the live ticker of the Bayern press conference with Thomas Müller. The PK starts at 11.30 a.m. German time.

FC Bayern Munich: Press conference with Thomas Müller in the live stream

As an alternative to our live ticker, there is also a free live stream on the FC Bayern Munich website. You can find this directly at FC Bayern.

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