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Press conference with Thomas Tuchel before the game against TSG Hoffenheim in the live ticker



Press conference with Thomas Tuchel before the game against TSG Hoffenheim in the live ticker

Thomas Tuchel will answer journalists’ questions on Friday at 1.30 p.m. before the Bundesliga game against TSG Hoffenheim. Here is the press conference of FC Bayern Munich in the live ticker.

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FC Bayern Munich: PK with Thomas Tuchel in the live ticker

About Choupo and the missing centre-forward: “Individually Choupo looked good, he felt uncomfortable with more complex movements. That’s why he took a day off today. I like to have Thomas a line behind him. Serge found quite good spaces, was but sloppy under pressure and made a few technical mistakes. We had a lot of chances against Freiburg and Dortmund. I didn’t expect many top-class players against City. City are just incredibly hard-working.”

On the second leg against City: “It’s important not to lose focus. Nothing is impossible in football. I can feel that we’re dying for revenge. But you only get to the top step by step. We need a good atmosphere and quality in training, we have that. Now we need a top performance on Saturday. Then we need a bit of luck and momentum on our side. Even after the video analysis, I’m sticking with it: I’m very happy with the first 70 minutes. We were lucky in the game not to get confirmation in the very good phases. Instead we got a slap in the face.”

On Mané’s form: “Maybe there is a need for trust, adaptation to a different environment and culture and a different role in a different team. Maybe he lacks the ease not to have to think. He hesitates, takes longer to react. That’s why it’s looking as if he were always half a step too late. We want to get the boy to where he was through trust, closeness and real appreciation. He was an absolute top striker in the best league in the world.”

About Upamecano: “We will always protect our players. It is of little use to tell him that he made a few mistakes. He knows that himself. He had some problems preparing for the mistakes. It gives his whole game an uncertain Grades given. That was a shame because he was in top form. I had actually ruled out that that would happen to him. Before that, he was actually our best player. Of course, he needed development work. We treat each other with respect, critically. He senses that we don’t drop it and don’t point your finger at it.”

Again about the incident: “We can also set other signs that we live. I prefer it without. A limit was crossed. But if it happens in the emotion, then it happens. Then it is most important: How do we and those involved deal with it? For me it had a cleansing effect, also between the two of them. Sometimes things have to be said, even if others don’t want to hear it.”

About Mané: “It would be so nice if something that happens in the dressing room stays in the dressing room. Then we wouldn’t have to discuss the role model function now. Everyone makes mistakes, even in role models. He presented himself as a man and that communicated afterwards. That was a role model. He made a mistake. But he – just like Leroy – behaved in a very exemplary manner. One would wish that it stayed in the dressing room.”

A first interim conclusion of his time at FC Bayern: “Eat, sleep and repeat. It’s very intense. Outside it seems much more restless than it is internally. It’s not the first time in my coaching career that there’s rattling in the cabin. That It’s part of it. It’s out of the world. Internally, the atmosphere in the team and the staff is open, friendly, warm-hearted. It’s a highly professional and quiet club with good communication channels. It’s very intense because we try to do almost nothing Training to commit a team to a style. There’s always Cherrys on top. And then there are a few more results that we don’t like. But the most important thing: It’s calm. Maybe not on the outside, but on the inside. I’m still calm .”

About Gravenberch: “I see his qualities in training. It’s hard to try things now. It’s hard for the player to show himself in competition. He’s training well. He’s an eight who can turn very well and very well can dribble. Now it’s about being patient. It’s about fighting to be there immediately in any form of the game. I’m not thinking any further than Hoffenheim. He’s a candidate to start or come in. I hope that the player I don’t think any further either. I’m not even in the squad planning yet.”

What happens to the fine: “I haven’t thought about that at all. It’s an issue for the club and the player. It’s not on my priority list.”

About Mané in general: “We have clarified it so that it is clarified. I am Sadio’s first lawyer and defense attorney. I have known him and his environment for so long. I only know him as a top professional. He has never, never, never changed anything guilty. He has my complete trust. Everyone has the right to make a mistake and go too far. That was too much. But there was an excuse that is absolutely credible. It was also important to the players that he is in training.”

About the Mané incident: “I did not witness the incident myself. I was in the coaching career. I spoke immediately and throughout the evening and throughout Wednesday to everyone involved, to the many players who saw it. The kept us busy. It was a blatant incident. It was important for me to clarify the matter before the following training session. We did that yesterday morning. We cleared the air. We’re not the first team where something like this happens and we probably will not be the last. That had a cleansing vibe. We had a positive, energetic vibe in training.”

About Tel: “Starting eleven would be too early for Mathys. He’s a candidate for 20, 30 minutes. He sees himself as a nine.”

Tuchel on Mané’s punishment and whether it’s a one-game ban: “That’s settled. A game and a fine.”

Tuchel on the staff: “Choupo is out for the weekend.”

Tuchel is here, it’s starting.

Before Beginning: Apart from the upcoming opponent, it will certainly also be about the cause of Sadio Mané.

Before Beginning: It starts at 1.30 p.m.

Before start: After losing 3-0 in the first leg of the Champions League quarter-finals against Manchester City, FC Bayern Munich will face TSG Hoffenheim in the Bundesliga on Saturday. We accompany the press conference with Thomas Tuchel before the game in the live ticker.

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