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“Remember how messed up this business is”



"Remember how messed up this business is"

Eintracht Frankfurt President Peter Fischer commented on the rumors about SBU top player Filip Kostic before the Supercup game against Real Madrid.

“If you ever have the chance to play against Real Madrid in the Supercup – not against the Wetterau. In front of 500 countries that are watching the game somewhere and don’t do it, then I realize how messed up the business is at the end of the day. It hurts,” said Fischer, when asked about Kostic’s upcoming move to Juventus. Against the royals, Kostic is no longer in the SBU squad.

Nevertheless, you have to accept the decision of the Serbs. “That doesn’t detract from Filip’s performance at all for me. When I think back, I will always think of crosses and shots from him. He was an exceptional player for Eintracht Frankfurt, who we will always have in our hearts,” Fischer continued.

The Eintracht President wishes the 29-year-old all the best for the future, even if he doesn’t think the transfer to Turin is the best solution. “He’s playing somewhere in Italy now. Di Maria plays in the same position there. Maybe then we’ll see him sitting in the stands. But I wouldn’t wish that on him. He chose it, that’s the business.”

According to information from Kostic SPOX and GOAL just ahead of a move to Juventus. Eintracht Frankfurt receives a transfer fee of 17 million euros, including bonuses.