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Reporter’s question amuses bench press Thomas Müller



Reporter's question amuses bench press Thomas Müller

In FC Bayern’s 1-1 draw at Union Berlin, Thomas Müller was only on the bench for the first time this season. When the reporter from sky asks about it, the veteran has to laugh. And before that, celebrate the opponent.

At Bayern, the mood was rather depressed after the second Bundesliga 1-1 in a row – only Thomas Müller was in the mood to talk again after the game. When asked about the game, the offensive player sang a song of praise for the opponent.

“I’m a fan of Union Berlin, how they play as a team. They showed what we expected. The backdrop was what we could have expected. It hurts when you’re 1-0 down at Union. We came back straight away, but we used up our goal. You don’t get many situations here,” said Müller.

Müller saw a lot of material for the follow-up analysis with his Munich team: “We can certainly deal critically with some situations internally that we sometimes played too slowly or had a wrong positioning. If you play this Union block that works on you all the time , you get one to five situations where you have a realistic chance of a big chance. We had a couple of messes in the last pass.”

FC Bayern: Reporter makes Thomas Müller laugh

His conclusion about Union: “They are not up there by chance. I can only congratulate Union. We played a decent game, but not a super game.”

as him skyWhen reporter Jens Westen asked in the middle of the discussion whether he liked sitting on the bench, Müller first had to laugh: “That was a good question. I liked it a lot” and then explained: “One always likes to play. We are currently at such a high level of performance throughout the squad and are spoiled for choice up front. It will continue in the next game.”

When he realized that it was more of a standard answer by his standards, Müller said: “I’ve had better answers, I have to admit.” Of the sky-Reporter gave him the grade “three”, Müller himself a “three minus”.

In the game in Berlin, Müller came on for Jamal Musiala in the 62nd minute. With this mission, Oliver Kahn overtook in the missions for FC Bayern.