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Salary cut for Kevin Trapp when extending his contract?



Salary cut for Kevin Trapp when extending his contract?

Eintracht Frankfurt wants the contract with Kevin Trapp loud picture extend ahead of time – and for the long term. However, the goalkeeper could face a salary cut.

Although Trapp’s contract on the Main is still dated until 2024, Eintracht would apparently like to extend it. But there is a catch for the goalkeeper: According to this, the SBU Trapp offers a comparatively low two million euros basic salary per year, with performance-related bonuses. According to the newspaper, the vice-captain currently earns around 3.5 million euros a year.

The reason for the austerity course should be the losses due to the corona pandemic. Nevertheless, sports boss Markus Krösche would like to bind the 32-year-old in the long term. “We’ve been in exchange for two or three months because we’d like to extend it with him. It’s about a longer future,” he said picture.

There was an offer from Manchester United after his strong performances in the Europa League win. But Trapp stayed true to the SBU and opted for the Adler. He is said to be “not particularly happy” about the salary cut that has now been offered to him.

Trapp initially played in Frankfurt from 2012 to 2015 and then switched to Ligue 1 to PSG. In 2018, the Parisians loaned the keeper to SGE, and a year later he made a permanent move back to the Bundesliga.

Kevin Trapp: First substitute for Manuel Neuer?

Trapp has only played six international matches for Germany so far, ahead of him are Manuel Neuer and Marc-André ter Stegen. He should still have his World Cup ticket for sure. Record national player Lothar Matthäus currently sees Trapp in front of Barcelona’s ter Stegen if Neuer doesn’t get fit in time.

“On a purely emotional level and from what I’ve seen over the past two years, I would choose Trapp,” Matthäus wrote in his sky-Column. “The success story of the SGE, which is also strongly linked to him and many incredible parades and also led to the victory in the Europa League, makes me tend to him a little bit more.”