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Schalke anger after the opening defeat: “We were disadvantaged!



Schalke anger after the opening defeat: "We were disadvantaged!

After FC Schalke 04’s 3-1 defeat at 1. FC Köln, the Royal Blues were very angry with the referee. And there was even support from opponents Cologne.

In the course of the first half, referee Robert Schröder corrected two scenes that later had a game-winning character after being advised by VAR. Schröder first annulled an initially recognized goal from Rodrigo Zalazar because of an offside position by Maya Yoshida (10th), then he sent Dominick Drexler (35th) off the field again after being advised of a foul play against ex-colleague Jonas Hector.

The red card in particular left some questions unanswered, as Drexler hit Hector on the calf, but there was no bad intention or intensity to be seen. Both players even high-fived after the duel.

“From my point of view, the footballers can tell for themselves whether it was intentional or not and I find it difficult when they intervene five minutes later,” said Cologne coach Steffen Baumgart after the game DAZN: “You can omit the red card, also because nobody complained. Drexler is everything, but not an unfair player. You have to say that clearly.”

Rouven Schröder: “We don’t need a referee”

Ex-Schalke player Mark Uth also said in the half-time break that the red card was probably excessive. At Schalke, the anger was correspondingly high. “The conclusion comes with a very bad feeling. Congratulations to FC on the win. How we lost – the way it bothers me fundamentally. Today I had the feeling that a first division team that plays in Europe was playing in the cup, where tight decisions that were not clearly wrong decisions are corrected,” said Schalke’s sporting director Rouven Schröder.

He then let his emotions run free and became clear: “This is something that makes me very worried and upset because we are ambitious. We were disadvantaged!”

Schröder criticized the basic attitude of video referee Sören Storks, who misinterpreted his role to the taste of the Schalke boss: “We need a video assistant and not a chief referee who does not intervene if there is no wrong decision. If you are in the If you get a red card in the 35th minute, the game is completely different. It’s difficult to give a red card retrospectively.”

1. FC Köln won the game 3-1 thanks to goals from Luca Kilian (49′), Florian Kainz (62′) and Dejan Ljublicic (80′). Substitute Marius Bülter scored for Schalke (76th).