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Schedule and presentation of the Wembley Legends squad



Schedule and presentation of the Wembley Legends squad

FC Bayern’s 2023/2024 team presentation will take place in the Allianz Arena on Sunday. But from 11am the day is packed with a number of event items, including a presentation of the Wembley Legends squad. You can find out all information about the schedule and who is on the Legends team at SPOX. The event will also be ticked live on SPOX.

FC Bayern Munich started training again on July 13 before traveling to the training camp at nearby Tegernsee two days later. There they were able to achieve an absolute victory in their test match and won 27:0 against FC Rottach-Egern. After the training camp is over, the next big event is just around the corner in Munich. FC Bayern will hold their team presentation on Sunday and new signing Min-Jae Kim should also be there.

FC Bayern, team presentation: The schedule of the Allianz FC Bayern team presentation

The event takes place this Sunday, July 23rd and starts at 11am. The venue for the event is Bavaria’s eponymous Allianz Arena.

The schedule at a glance:

  • 11:00 o’clock: Start of the fan and family festival on the Esplanade
  • From 11:00 a.m.: Opening of the FC Bayern Museum with the special exhibition “10 years of Wembley – A treble for eternity”
  • 13:00 ‘O clock: Introducing the Wembley Legends squad
  • In connection Re-match of the legendary Champions League final at Wembley 2013 with the then FC Bayern stars against the legends of Borussia Dortmund (2×30 minutes)
  • 3:30 p.m.: Start of the team presentation FC Bayern women
  • 4:00 p.m.: Start of the team presentation FC Bayern men
  • From 4:30 p.m.: Start of FC Bayern’s public training session

FC Bayern, Team Presentation: The Wembley Legends Squad

The team is made up of players from different generations: from 29-year-old Raeder to 65-year-old Augenthaler.

Here is the whole squad:

Goalkeeper: Tom Starke, Hans-Jörg Butt, Lukas Raeder, and Maximilian Riedmüller

Defense: Jerome Boateng, Daniel van Buyten, Dante, Thomas Linke, Diego Contento, Rafinha, Vladimir Rankovic

Libero: Klaus Augenthaler

Midfield: Ze Roberto, Luiz Gustavo, Andreas Ottl

Attack: Claudio Pizarro, Giovane Elber, Ivica Olic, Roy Makaay, Paulo Sergio, Mario Mandzukic

FC Bayern, team presentation: The BVB legend squad

Borussia Dortmund has its own Legends team, which also takes part in indoor tournaments such as the “Budenzauber”. It is still unclear whether this is also the team that will face Bayern’s Wembley Legends squad or who will play from the squad.

Here is the traditional BVB team:

Goalkeeper: nobody known (possibly one of the ones listed below)

Defense: Günter Kutowski, Jörg Heinrich, Michael Schulz, Timo Achenbach, Peter Quallo, Thomas Helmer, Franck Patrick Njambe, Raoul Lambertz, Lars Müller

Midfield: Michael Rummenigge, Michael Lusch, Steffen Karl, Florian Kringe, Günter Breitzke, Antonio da Silva, Knut Reinhardt, Giovanni Federico, Tim Gutberlet, Francis Bugri, Lars Ricken, Detlef Bögershause, Jens Kurrat

Attack: Frank Mill, Jan Koller, Hannes Wolf, Karl-Heinz Riedle, Stephane Chapuisat, Martin Driller, Theo Schneider, Giuseppe Reina, David Odonkor, Salvatore Gambino

unknown position: Hans Joachim Watzke, Dr. Reinhard Rauball, Carsten Cramer, Frank Burmann, Andy Bath, Semir Devoh, Peter Vogt, Jörg Kuhl, Andy Lichtner

FC Bayern, team presentation: live ticker from SPOX

If you don’t want to miss anything from the Allianz FC Bayern team presentation, check out the live ticker SPOX over.