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Sebastian Kehl stops euphoria after Augsburg win: “Need another 90 minutes in our stadium”



Sebastian Kehl, Edin Terzic

After the important win against FC Augsburg and the leap to the top of the Bundesliga table, BVB sports director Sebastian Kehl put the brakes on the euphoria. Coach Edin Terzic, meanwhile, emphasized the perhaps unique opportunity for the championship title.

“I don’t want to put the brakes on, but we still have a game to play. We’ve taken a giant step. It wasn’t an easy game. We need another 90 minutes in our stadium. We can’t let that take us anymore,” said Kehl after Dortmund’s 3-0 triumph in Augsburg DAZNMicrophone.

Despite the convincing performance against FCA, nothing has been decided in the fight for the German championship, Kehl continued: “We will take the momentum of the people who were all in Augsburg today. But we still need three points. Then we can do it talk about all the scenarios. I know what it’s like as a player. I’m sure it’s just as awesome as a manager.”

When entering the mixed zone, Kehl at least let out a loud “Yeah” before repeating his statements a little later as cautiously as possible.

Meanwhile, Terzic praised his team’s character for coming back after a difficult first half of the season. “When the next setback has come, when you [Medien] wrote us off again, we straightened the focus again. Of course we know what happened yesterday, but we are the ones who now have 70 points,” said the Dortmund coach.

They have “suffered a lot and now it’s about rewarding us and taking the last step with our fans in our stadium and bringing the championship trophy to Dortmund. You can’t buy this moment, we worked hard for it.”

Sébastien Haller: “It was just incredible!”

For the coming week, Terzic demanded the full emotional support of the fans. “We need these emotions. We said before the season that we would only win a championship if we all believe in it, are positive and work in the same direction. We don’t just need the city for that, but the whole region and especially our stadium,” explained the BVB coach.

Double goal scorer Sébastien Haller also spoke of a “great opportunity” that the club now has. “It was just amazing. If someone had told me that six months ago, I wouldn’t have believed it. It’s a great opportunity now, not just for me but for the team.”

Although the team “missed a few opportunities” in the past few weeks and months, they would have pulled themselves together again and again. “We tried to stick together, talked to each other a lot, made sure we stayed positive and it worked,” said Haller.