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Sharp criticism from Manuel Gräfe of the DFB refereeing system



Sharp criticism from Manuel Gräfe of the DFB refereeing system

Former FIFA referee Manuel Graefe takes a tough stance on the German Football Association (DFB) in the light of recent misdecisions in the Bundesliga. “After the DFB drove the refereeing against the wall structurally and personally for twelve years, it is time to ask the question of responsibility,” wrote Graefe in a guest article for the picture-Newspaper.

If the wrong decision is made “despite clear TV pictures”, according to Gräfe, “the necessary football skills are often lacking – or the line as to when to intervene or not. There has been a back and forth for years.”

It is “actually unimaginable that even with pictures so many wrong decisions (…) influence the games”.

Gräfe criticized that the performance principle does not apply to the DFB. That’s how it used to be “with the bosses Fandel and Krug”, “today with Fröhlich, Meyer and Drees”.

Wrong decisions would “obviously have no necessary consequences, since one prefers to select the referees for positions or tasks according to personal, regional or political aspects”.

Manuel Gräfe criticizes DFB refereeing

Some referees are not or not yet suitable for certain tasks. “If it doesn’t work in a club or in a company for years, at some point the management level will rightly be held responsible,” wrote Gräfe, who called for a restart.

Gräfe (48) had left the Bundesliga referee group because he had reached the age limit. He complained about age discrimination and has been one of the association’s harshest critics ever since.

Jochen Drees, DFB project manager for the video evidence, admitted a mistake after the top game between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund (3-1). BVB should have received another penalty after Benjamin Pavard fouled Jude Bellingham. In addition, Union Berlin was wrongly denied a penalty at RB Leipzig (2: 1).