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Sharp criticism of Uli Hoeneß and FC Bayern



Sharp criticism of Uli Hoeneß and FC Bayern

The Middle East expert of the Society for Threatened Peoples (GfbV), Dr. Kamal Sido has sharply criticized Uli Hoeneß and Bayern Munich.

“I give Uli Hoeneß the good advice not to defend Qatar’s politics in such a way. Qatar’s politics oppresses and persecutes people. When someone like Uli Hoeneß defends such a regime, it shows that human rights don’t count for him,” said Sido opposite to sports1.

Hoeneß had on Sunday in the sports1-Called Doppelpass while defending the World Cup host. The workers in Qatar are doing better and not worse thanks to the World Cup, the honorary president of Munich had claimed, among other things. One should finally accept this and not constantly hit people.

“I hope that the situation has improved through the discussion and the media attention,” said Sido: “But I was only there at the end of February or beginning of March. I didn’t see that the situation had improved. “

When asked whether FC Bayern, which was sponsored by Qatar Airways, would close their eyes to reality, Sido replied: “Bayern members have been very critical of the sponsorship, but unfortunately not the club’s management level. They don’t go along with an honest and critical discourse Qatar one.”

In an interview with SPOX and GOAL, Andreas Rettig argued similarly: “FC Bayern’s biggest shareholders are the members. If they refuse such a commitment, that’s acceptable. For FC Bayern, the votes of its members seem to be of secondary importance.”