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Sports commentator Frank Buschmann takes a stand after the fuss over an old interview



Sports commentator Frank Buschmann takes a stand after the fuss over an old interview

Sports commentator Frank Buschmann has commented on his Instagram account about reactions to an old interview that has recently appeared and has thus partially put statements into perspective.

reported on Wednesday picture from an interview that bushman had given, however without mentioning that this was already published in the summer of 2022.

However, Buschmann now explained that he had not spoken to anyone personally, but: “I stand by the statements.” But what bothers him most about the reactions to this story is the fact that this interview is already six months old. “I never spoke to Bild,” said Buschmann.

In the said interview, the longtime TV reporter criticized the way in which football was specifically reported. “The way sport is presented and broadcast these days is not really my world anyway,” Buschmann explained at the time, calling everything around it “difficult to unbearable”.

There was talk of “softened reporters” on streaming services and on TV who were afraid to ask the difficult questions so as not to upset the football makers.

However, Buschmann also emphasized: “The moment I’m at the microphone in the Sky conference, I love my job, but outside of the 90 minutes, the people in the shop who claim that they do it all have become too much for me Pure love for the sport and for the fans. That’s a lie.”

Frank Buschmann: Isn’t that the end of football?

Now, however, Buschmann admitted that because of his work, he sky not yet quite sure whether he will actually – as announced at the time – no longer comment on football from the summer.

The 58-year-old has worked for, among others, in the past sports1, arena, LeagueTotal, ProSiebenSat.1, SPOX and is currently for sky in football as well RTL active in show business as a commentator and moderator.