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Steffen Baumgart questions the core values ​​of the Bundesliga business: “I have problems with that”



Steffen Baumgart questions the core values ​​of the Bundesliga business: "I have problems with that"

Cologne’s trainer Steffen Baumgart stands for pure emotions and tough work football in the Bundesliga like no other head coach. But the 49-year-old criticizes the way people treat each other in professional business and denounces empty promises from the past.

“How many examples are there from the past that said, now we are going back to the roots. It should be more normal again. But nothing became more normal,” said Baumgart in an interview with the kicker on dealing with football professionals and made it clear: “I find it partially reprehensible how people talk about footballers.”

In recent years, the Cologne players have been the focus of criticism again and again, due to the poor performance in the previous season, Baumgart’s squad was not trusted this year either. “I saw it differently from the start. We always talked about the squad that was here, and I was convinced of this squad,” said Baumgart, who is particularly upset by the interference of people who are not responsible.

Baumgart: “There’s a lot going on in football”

Baumgart: “I don’t think it should be done. But it is done because you think you can do it that way. There are a lot of problems in football.”

The ex-Paderborn coach has problems dealing with this because the football business is unpredictable. “You work with people every day. There are too many people around me who only judge what is success and what is failure.” There are too many experts in the Bundesliga who like to tell others what they can and cannot do well.

Personally, Baumgart always criticizes his players “openly, clearly and positively”. He is always aware that you can be wrong. “But I wouldn’t deny the ability to any footballer in the world.”