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Substitution mistake – Rudi Völler demands: Replay the minutes



Substitution mistake - Rudi Völler demands: Replay the minutes

Bayer Managing Director Rudi Völler sees the best solution in the course of the substitution at the FC Bayern game in Freiburg in replaying the minutes after the mistake. He also defended the people of Breisgau for the decision to protest against the game rating.

“One can certainly understand this step. Many clubs would have reacted in a similar way. But it is also understandable that some of this club, which is so alternative from the outside, expected something different,” wrote Völler in a guest article for the table football. “I’m sure if it had been 1-1, no one would have thought of protesting.” The decision was “completely legitimate”, but also felt “wrong” for those responsible. “They were in a deep dilemma.”

In the 86th minute, Munich played with twelve men for 16 seconds after Kingsley Coman failed to leave the field in time in a double substitution. Since the Frenchman’s former number was displayed on the substitution board, he did not react to the signal, meaning that Marcel Sabitzer also came into play. However, the scene had no effect on Bayern’s clear victory.

The events reminded Völler of Stefan Kießling’s phantom goal from 2013, when the striker put the ball in the goal through the defective side netting in the 2-1 win against Hoffenheim. TSG’s appeal was rejected due to the factual decision.

“Right after the end of the game, I said to the many questions about how Hoffenheim could counteract this injustice: ‘We’ll let the last 20 minutes play again with the score 1-0 for us.'”

He also considers this approach to be the best in the case of the Bayern game: “I know this practice from Italy and consider it the least bad solution in a case where there is no perfect solution anyway. Repeat from the time of the far-reaching wrong decision or violation of the rules.

“The rules would not have given this after the phantom gate: “They have not been changed to this day. I think that’s a mistake. The encrusted structures and regulations must be broken up in order to prevent situations like the current one.”