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Tabea Kemme leathers against Marcus Thuram



skyExpert Tabea Kemme has clearly criticized Marcus Thuram from Borussia Mönchengladbach.

“Oh my God, I would be so embarrassed, I would be so ashamed,” said the 31-year-old in the ran Bundesliga web show.

The background is Thuram’s swallow in the Bundesliga game between Borussia and SC Freiburg last Saturday (0-0). The French striker moved into the penalty area in the 65th minute, ran into Nicolas Höfler, hooked and then fell to the ground. Referee Benjamin Brand first decided on a penalty, but correctly withdrew his decision after viewing the video images.

“That’s what I like to call ‘falling fruit’. The rotten apple falls from the tree for no reason. I don’t want to see such characters on the pitch. It’s not the first time that this has happened to him,” said Kemme.

Dietmar Hamann, Lothar Matthäus and Stefan Effenberg had previously criticized Thuram. “For me, Thuram should be suspended. For me, that’s a shame for football,” Hamann rumbled.