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Team bus crashes with ProSieben presenter Daniel Aminati



Team bus crashes with ProSieben presenter Daniel Aminati

ProSiebenModerator Daniel Aminati collided with the FC Bayern team bus in Munich on Thursday.

Fortunately, no one was injured in the collision. In front of a hotel at Schwabinger Tor, the presenter’s Mercedes SUV collided with the bus of the German record champions. Although there were passengers on the bus, the Bayern player was not on board. The vehicle was also not the professionals’ team bus.

“I just wanted to drive past the bus, but it swerved to the left,” Aminati described the accident to the Picture-Newspaper. “Fortunately, there was only slight body damage. Nothing happened to me. The police also say it’s just a trifle.”

FC Bayern: Aminati played one for FCB

Aminati was once a player with Bayern under contract. This is one of the reasons why the moderator spoke of an “interesting” incident. “That it was, of all things, an FC Bayern bus. I was in it myself 30 years ago when I was playing in the Bayern Munich youth team in the Bundesliga.”