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That’s what Sebastian Kehl and Edin Terzic say



That's what Sebastian Kehl and Edin Terzic say

Borussia Dortmund are top of the table after beating Eintracht Frankfurt. There are still five games to go before a possible title. Is BVB on course? That’s what Edin Terzic and Sebastian Kehl say.

“We still believed that Bayern Munich won’t win every game,” said sporting director Kehl sky: “Of course, Bayern’s result was an issue again today in the bus, in the locker room. The tension was high, but we still needed a certain calmness and clarity in our game. The team did that very well today.”

They made a “good step” against Frankfurt and “won an important game”. According to Kehl, it won’t be easy in Bochum on Friday evening either. Nevertheless, the sporting director was optimistic: “We have a remaining program where we can now do it with our own resources.”

You have to “stay clear” and “not fall into excessive euphoria”. In the event of a championship, however, the club would be generous in terms of a championship bonus for the players, explained Kehl with a smile.

Coach Terzic was also very happy with his team: “We pulled through today, made a really great step, but nothing more.” During the week he focused primarily on showing the team “what is still open, how many points we can still get and what can be achieved with these points that we can still get”.

The special pressure was noticeable for the coach – but in a positive sense: “Of course you didn’t just notice it in our dressing room, but I think in the stadium too. The stadium was there immediately, they wanted to support us immediately. And it still helps None of this matters to us if we don’t do our own thing and win our games.” That was done against Frankfurt. “Now there are exactly five steps left,” says Terzic.