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The best Bundesliga top scorers in history with at least 50 goals and 50 assists



Andrej Kramaric, TSG Hoffenheim

Forwards are always measured by goals in professional football. When it comes to midfielders, the first thing that comes to mind is the assists and chances they create. But there are also attacking players who can do both. Here are the players who have scored both 50 goals and 50 assists for the same club in the Bundesliga.

Since the top assists were recorded in 1988/89, loud table football-Statistics only 13 players reached the magic mark of both 50 goals and 50 assists for the same club in the Bundesliga.

Another is very close – he is only missing one template to the mark of 50 assists. SPOX shows you the 13 players who combine loyalty to the club, a nose for goals and an eye for their teammates.

Andrej Kramaric – TSG Hoffenheim (100 goals, 49 assists, 149 points)

The Croatian could soon join the ranks of players who have recorded at least 50 goals and 50 assists for a single club. But he still lacks a goal assist – but he recently broke the 100 goal mark!

Krassimir Balakov – VfB Stuttgart (54 goals, 61 assists, 115 points)

Balakov has completed over 300 competitive games, 298 of them for the Swabians. In the Bundesliga he scored 54 times. He also scored 19 goals in various cup competitions. Today he coaches the Bulgarian club Septemvri Sofia.

Andreas Herzog – SV Werder Bremen (58 goals, 73 assists, 131 points)

His span of ten years at Bremen was interrupted by a season at Bayern Munich. But in his nine seasons for Werder, he scored a whopping 58 times, prepared a strong 73 goals and shot his Bremen team to a German championship (92/93) and two DFB Cup victories (93/94 and 98/99).

Andreas Möller – Borussia Dortmund (81 goals, 73 assists, 141 points)

Even namesake Möller scored goals for BVB in two terms. After moving from Eintracht Frankfurt to BVB in 1988, he played for Dortmund for two and a half years, and then for another six years from 1994. He even played three times for Eintracht, but only scored a total of 51 points.

Stephane Chapuisat – Borussia Dortmund (102 goals, 51 assists, 153 points)

The center forward played for BVB from 1991 to 1999 and also used some of Andi Möller’s assists. In 218 Bundesliga games for Borussia, he scored over 100 times. Despite 51 assists, he was more of a clipper himself.

Marco Bode – SV Werder Bremen (101 goals, 53 assists, 154 points)

Marco Bode also snapped – for Bremen. With a goal less, but two more assists, he is just ahead of Chapuisat. It was a real love story for Bode: at the age of 19 he moved to Bremen and never played for another club. 379 Bundesliga games only for Werder.

Arjen Robben – Bayern Munich (99 goals, 65 assists, 164 points)

Everyone knew what happened. But no one could defend Arjen Robben when he moved from right to center with his strong left foot. He ended his Bundesliga career just short of 100 goals, but 164 scorers are more than impressive.

Mehmet Scholl – Bayern Munich (86 goals, 78 assists, 165 points)

Mehmet Scholl scored one more point in his time. However, the midfielder made much more appearances for Bayern (334 times in the Bundesliga, Robben 201 times). In any case, Scholl was a much more balanced player and only prepared eight fewer goals than he scored.

Pierre Littbarski – 1. FC Köln (116 goals, 51 assists, 167 points)

Littbarki was a total of 14 seasons for Effzeh, playing 406 games. Although he was a midfielder, his job was clear: snap! He narrowly reached 50 assists, but scored 116 times.

Stefan Kiessling – Bayer 04 Leverkusen (131 goals, 56 assists, 187 points)

Strictly speaking, Stefan Kießling only scored 130 times. His 131 goals also include the phantom goal when he fired into the side netting against TSG Hoffenheim in 2013; the ball slipped through a hole into the goal. But even without the phantom hit, Kießling would still be clearly represented in this category.

Marco Reus – Borussia Dortmund (114 goals, 86 assists, 200 points)

Marco Reus is currently at a perfect 200 scorer points. With 114 goals and 86 assists, the tendency is also towards the goal scorer, but especially towards the end of his career he plays more and more centrally and withdrawn, preparing more goals. The 2021/22 season was significant with 9 goals but 16 assists.

Franck Ribéry – Bayern Munich (86 goals, 121 assists, 207 points)

Robben’s congenial partner on the left – Franck Ribéry. Unlike the Dutchman, Ribéry was particularly dangerous with crosses and interface passes. But with 86 goals, he doesn’t need to hide himself at all.

Robert Lewandowski – Bayern Munich (238 goals, 55 assists, 293 points)

Goals, goals, goals! Which record for goals in the Bundesliga did Robert Lewandowski actually not set? The fact that he prepared 55 goals for Bayern seems more like a coincidence. At Dortmund and Bayern together, the Pole even scored an outstanding 312 times in the Bundesliga.

Thomas Müller – Bayern Munich (144 goals, 198 assists, 342 points)

FC Bayern? Thomas Müller! The player who coined the term “space interpreter” as a player role leads the scorer list for a club by far. Mainly because he never played for any other club. But 198 assists is also an outstanding value overall. With 144 goals, however, he is also in second place behind Lewy as a clipper in this ranking.