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The best sayings from the SC Freiburg coach



The best sayings from the SC Freiburg coach

Christian Streich has been the coach of SC Freiburg since December 2011. A little over eleven years later, the 57-year-old led the SCF into the knockout phase of a European competition for the first time in the club’s history. On the occasion of the round of 16 first leg at Juventus Turin in the Europa League, SPOX shows the best sayings of the Breisgau institution.

Freiburg had qualified directly for the round of 16 as group winners. The sports club thus survived the group stage for the first time in its history, in which it failed when it made its debut on the European stage in the 2013/14 season.

Juventus Turin vs. SC Freiburg: The game in the live ticker

Christian Streich on the women’s quota at the DFB

“The question is actually absurd – completely antiquated. The patriarchy has mostly produced nothing good in our history.”

Christian Streich about his finances

“My wife makes money for us.”

Christian Streich about a possible career end

“I would like to continue a little bit. I work on the pitch and not in a quarry.”

Christian Streich about cheering during Corona

“Hopefully we can’t celebrate three times. Then we’ll score three goals.”

Explanation: During the pandemic, there were restrictions on goal celebrations in Bundesliga games.

Christian Streich vs. David Abraham

“The ball is coming and then it would just have me … boom … running over the hooves. That’s what it’s called in Alemannic.”

Background: The then defender of Eintracht Frankfurt had run over Streich while on the sidelines. Later there was a reconciliation.

Christian Streich with an opponent analysis

“And then it’s bang, bang, bang and then there are three double passes and then they just shoot in or past Pfoschte or just wide.”

Christian Streich about Dirk Nowitzki

“The 1523rd final round game – whatever. There are already games before that. The ones from the south and those from Oschte and West. The 1523rd final round game. So dimensions where you say: How old is he, 340 ?

Christian Streich about visiting the hairdresser in the team hotel

“No. It doesn’t bother my concentration if someone cuts my hair the day before. It’s only ten minutes for me because I hardly have any hair, but it doesn’t bother my concentration.”

Christian Streich justifies himself

“I didn’t overreact, I used a swear word.”

Christian Streich about alleged pressure situations

“We don’t have to win. What we have to do, I die.”

Christian Streich on the needs of his players

“One gets strength from prayer, the other from the bathtub.”

Christian Streich about his private life

“Bodyguards? I don’t need bodyguards. Bodyguards have the stars.”

Christian Streich about the change in his person

“You’re always changing because you have a metabolism. You’re not dead.”

Christian Streich with a comparison

“It’s nicer when someone asks you where the mustard is when you’re shopping and says: ‘The mustard is there and we’re looking forward to seeing you.’ Instead of him saying: ‘I won’t tell you where the mustard is and I’ll walk you out of the store!'”

Christian Streich on the 2015/16 relegation battle

“It’s a thread, but we’re trying to get a little gut on it.”

Christian Streich about SC Freiburg

“People say they can do something with this club – even the one in Flensburg, who says we don’t really understand them down there, and with the mountains, there’s nothing to see, I don’t want to live there, I prefer it flat .”

Christian Streich on the attractiveness of the SCF

“We’re not completely unsexy. Well, I’m relatively unsexy now.”

Christian Streich before a duel against Bayern

“I can now declare war on Bayern Munich: Dress warmly and wear three pairs of leather trousers!”

Christian Streich on the rumor mill

“My players are offered like at a cattle market. You can read their release clauses in the newspaper – that’s terrible.”

Christian Streich about his outbursts of anger

“I have to be able to say to someone: ‘Shut up now’. Maybe that’s not so nice, but now just don’t talk about pedagogy and because of the children…”

Christian Streich about winning and losing

“It’s sport. It’s sport. That’s what we live for a bit. We just chose the wins and losers – and don’t go hiking.”

Christian Streich on commercialization in football

“An association does not belong to a person. The association belongs to the people and members who identify with it.”