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The dismissal of Julian Nagelsmann could be so expensive



The dismissal of Julian Nagelsmann could be so expensive

Julian Nagelsmann is no longer the coach of FC Bayern Munich. How the forthcoming change to Thomas Tuchel will affect sportingly is still open. Financially, Nagelsmann’s end is a huge mortgage for the German record champions.

In 2021 Nagelsmann, who had been sold by RB Leipzig for a total of around 20 million euros, signed for five years in Munich. Now, after less than two seasons, it’s over. This may cost FC Bayern dearly.

As the Picture reported, would have an automatic severance clause, should there be a premature separation between the club and Nagelsmann, namely only from the summer of 2023 – i.e. only after two full years of the contract.

Since these were not achieved, the 35-year-old is actually entitled to the entire salary over the five years. With an estimated annual salary of up to nine million euros, that would be a total of 45 million euros. Only when Nagelsmann accepts a new job is he no longer entitled to a salary from Bayern. Or both sides agree on a severance payment.

Either way, it will be expensive for Bayern. Especially since, in addition to the trainer, his assistants Dino Toppmöller, Xaver Zembrod and video analyst Benjamin Glück also take their hat off. The trio costs Bayern Picture-Information until the end of their contracts in 2026, another three million euros.

In total, the dismissed coaching team would still be entitled to around 30 million euros until their contracts expire in the summer of 2026.

Only the goalkeeper coach Michaelrechner, newly signed by TSG Hoffenheim, should remain on board.