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The great testimonial to FCB’s Bundesliga season



The great testimonial to FCB's Bundesliga season

FC Bayern Munich secured the German championship in a heart-stopping final. You can find out how the individual FCB players did in the Bundesliga in our large graduation certificate: the average grades and individual reviews of the record champions’ pros.

Bayern Munich is champion. But the people of Munich will not be partying for long. The season was too chaotic for that. Published on every match day of the Bundesliga SPOX Grades, individual reviews, winners and losers for the games of the record champions and Borussia Dortmund.

Here comes the big graduation certificate for FCB: Who has the best average grade? And whose grade could mean that he has to worry about staying in the squad?

FC Bayern Munich: The season at a glance

Competition placement Sp. Gates differential pt.
Bundesliga 1. 34 92:38 54 71
DFB Cup Out in the quarterfinals 4 15:4 11 (9)
Champions League Out in the quarterfinals 10 22:6 16 (25)

FC Bayern Munich: goalkeeper

Manuel Neuer: Seemed to lose some of its shine in the first half of the season and conceded a goal or two that would not have come before. However, criticism at a high level. Added to this was the failure after the Dortmund game and the serious injury on a skiing holiday. A season to forget. Average grade: 3.17.

Sven Ulreich: After all, he made three appearances due to the Neuer failure. Average grade: 3.17.

Yan Summers: The new replacement found it difficult here and there to get used to the new task. Still did its job solidly and despite the criticism at a good level. Average grade: 3.26.

John Schenk: Was in the squad six times, but remained unused.

FC Bayern Munich: Average scores of goalkeepers in the Bundesliga

player Stakes (rated) goals conceded Games to zero average grade
Manuel Neuer 12 (12) 11 5 3:17
Sven Ulrich 3 (3) 2 2 3:17
Yan Summers 19 (19) 25 4 3.26

FC Bayern Munich: Defense

Matthijs de Ligt: Bayern’s player of the season? Many are right to think so because the Dutchman has had a very consistent season and won many crucial tackles for his team. But with his average rating he is in SPOX-Ranking only the second best Bayern defender. Average grade: 3.07.

Dayot Upamecano: Had an impressively consistent season in the Bundesliga that almost went under the radar. His blunders in the Champions League spoil the impression a bit, but in the league the Frenchman was crucial. This also applies to the duel he won in Cologne, which made Musiala’s 2:1 possible in the first place. Average grade: 3.04.

Lucas Hernandez: In the first half of the season, the 2018 world champion was an important part of the starting eleven. Then he was out for a long time and despite a well-known line-up, Bayern missed their aggressive central defender. Average grade: 3.14.

Benjamin Pavard: Still underestimated? Pavard has had another season of consistently performing at a high level. Average grade: 3.09.

Josip Stanisic: The Croatian has 572 Bundesliga minutes and played solidly for the most part. Especially in the first round duel with Dortmund, limits were also shown to him. In the second half of the season he made a lot of mistakes in an unstable team. Average grade: 3.63.

Noussair Mazraoui: The Moroccan played a very strong first half of the season, in which he was able to establish himself as a regular. After the World Cup, he was out for weeks due to a corona disease and subsequent inflammation of the pericardium. After his return, he had major fitness problems. In the end of the season he gained a few minutes without really being able to convince. Average grade: 3.5.

Bouna Sarr: Sarr was allowed to play a full two minutes this season. No rating.

Alphonso Davies: Didn’t have an easy season and was set back several times by injuries. But even in the phases in which he remained fit for longer, he showed changeable performance. Good games were regularly followed by less good ones. Average grade: 3.09.

João Cancelo: Came in winter, convinced immediately and then suddenly not anymore. Towards the end of the season, however, the Portuguese blossomed again. Average grade: 3.35.

Daley Blind: In his three appearances, he failed to convince his coaches. Average grade: 3.83.

Liam Morrison and Gabriel Marusic: Both once in the squad, both without action.

FC Bayern Munich: Average scores of defenders in the Bundesliga

player Stakes (rated) tackle rate Goals/Assists average grade
Matthijs de Ligt 31 (29) 62.5% 3/1 3.07
Dayot Upamecano 29 (26) 62.2% 0/1 3.04
Lucas Hernandez 7 (7) 83.3% 0/0 3:14
Benjamin Pavard 30 (28) 75.0% 4/1 3.09
Josip Stanisic 14 (8) 70.6% 0/0 3.63
Noussair Mazraoui 19 (14) 62.5% 1/4 3.5
Bouna Sarr 1 (0) – (0/0) 0/0
Alphonso Davies 26 (26) 46.2% 1/4 3.09
João Cancelo 15 (13) 43.5% 1/4 3.35
Daley Blind 4 (3) 0.0% (0/1) 0/0 3.83

FC Bayern Munich: Midfield

Joshua Kimmich: While the vernacular speaks of a rather weak Kimmich season, the national player still delivers impressive numbers. Five goals, six assists, second most assists in the league (89) and most touches per game (96.6). Criticism of Kimmich is still at a high level. Even if it’s true that he can be much better and has his problems defensively from time to time. Average grade: 3.

Leon Goretzka: Made a good comeback from injury and performed well ahead of the World Cup. Then came the burglary. Was more and more beside himself in the second half of the season. Average grade: 3.31.

Marcel Sabitzer: Had an outstanding start to the season and temporarily stabilized Bayern’s midfield. However, he had to return to the bench when Goretzka recovered from his injury. The Austrian harmonized well with Kimmich. Then in winter the change. Average grade: 3.12.

Ryan Gravenberch: Didn’t deliver what was promised of him. Didn’t play a major role under Julian Nagelsmann at first because Sabitzer got off to a good start to the season. Goretzka later returned to the starting XI. At the microphone sometimes with stronger performance than on the pitch. Average grade: 3.5.

Jamal Musiala: In the first half of the season, the international was clearly the best Bayern player. After the World Cup in Qatar, there was a phase in which he was no longer able to do many things. And yet he remained not only one of the most active, but also one of the best players at FCB. At the end with the golden goal for the title. Average grade: 2.94.

Gabriel Vidovic: The talent was allowed to gather 18 minutes in attacking midfield. No rating.

Paul Wanner: Two short missions and 23 minutes are on his account. No rating.

Arijon Ibrahimovic: He was granted 13 minutes this season. No rating.

Aleksandar Pavlovic: Twice in the squad, without use.

FC Bayern Munich: Average scores of midfielders in the Bundesliga

player Stakes (rated) Passports* (Rate) Goals/Assists average grade
Joshua Kimmich 33 (33) 88.7 (84.3%) 5/6 3.00
Leon Goretzka 27 (24) 52.7 (81.6%) 3/2 3.31
Marcel Sabitzer 15 (11) 66.6 (86.3%) 1/1 3:12
Ryan Gravenberch 24 (10) 58.3 (87.4%) 0/0 3.50
Jamal Musiala 33 (31) 41.7 (84.2%) 12/10 2.94
Gabriel Vidovic 1 (0) 65.0 (76.9%) 0/1
Paul Wanner 2 (0) 30.0 (77.8%) 0/0
Arijon Ibrahimovic 1 (0) 40.0 (87.5%) 0/0

*per 90 minutes

Bayern Munich: Attack

Leroy Sane: Still one of the stronger players in Bayern’s changeable offensive. Still too inconstant itself. Like in Cologne, when he showed that he had a good finish with an offside goal, but his nerves gave out just before the Musiala goal. Switches between genius and madness too often. Average grade: 3.1.

Kingsley Coman: The French can be consistent. Only he could be even more dangerous – and fit more often. In the important games, you could rely on him as usual. Average grade: 3.08.

Serge Gnabry: The usual game at Gnabry: Some games before the World Cup were outstanding. Then there was a long slump in form and at the end he was suddenly back. Average grade: 3.27.

Sadio Mane: The Senegalese had a decent start to the season. However, after his injury, he did not regain his form. Actually always seemed like a foreign body in the Bayern game. Average grade: 3.45.

Thomas Müller: The 2014 world champion also struggled with unstable form and failed to bring stability to the inconsistent offensive. A rather weaker Bundesliga season in Müller’s history. Average grade: 3.27.

Mathy’s phone: Has a very strong goal rate. In 397 Bundesliga minutes, the Frenchman scored five times. Much more than Joker is actually hardly possible. Especially since Tel is only 18. Does anyone hint at a great future? Average grade: 3.14.

Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting: The player with the highest scores at FC Bayern. This is mainly due to his incredibly strong phase before the World Cup, in which he scored at least one goal in almost every game. Suddenly the Cameroonian let Robert Lewandowski forget. But that didn’t last long. In the second half of the season he was often absent injured and his performances were also weaker. Average grade: 2.78.

FC Bayern Munich: average scores of the attackers in the Bundesliga

player Stakes (rated) Degrees* Goals/Assists average grade
Leroy Sane 32 (29) 3.50 8/7 3.10
Kingsley Coman 24 (24) 3:12 8/5 3.08
Serge Gnabry 34 (31) 3.75 14/5 3.27
Sadio Mane 25 (22) 3.35 7/5 3.45
Thomas Müller 27 (24) 2.54 7/8 3.27
Mathy’s phone 22 (7) 4.35 5/0 3:14
Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting 19 (16) 2.42 10/2 2.78

*per 90 minutes

FC Bayern Munich: The coaches

Julian Nagelsmann: It must have been a very strange season for the 35-year-old. The task was big. Together with the squad planners, it was decided to go into the season without a real centre-forward – or “only” with Choupo-Moting. And indeed, for a long time it seemed as if this would end successfully. After an unfortunate series of draws, Bayern really picked up speed in the Champions League and Bundesliga. The World Cup break came at the wrong time.

After that the oven was off. Suddenly almost nothing worked on the offensive and the problems off the pitch increased. After a 2-1 defeat in Leverkusen, Bayern took an unpopular step: Nagelsmann was sacked. Right before the decisive games against BVB (league), Freiburg (cup) and Manchester City (Champions League). Nagelsmann was deprived of the chance to stop the negative trend in these crucial weeks.

Curious: It wasn’t really a trend at all. Because outstanding games were followed by individual dropouts. The consistency was missing. Apparently enough to fire him.

Thomas Tuchel: The Nagelsmann successor also had a hard time. Although he won his first game against BVB, he lost the cup and soon lost to City in the Champions League. In the league, too, Tuchel failed to stabilize the team and he found few reasons for this. Rather, he appeared almost helpless in interviews.

You can’t really blame the coach. But the condition of the team either gave a deep insight into Nagelsmann’s work or indicated that he had already achieved quite a lot with the team. Because even the highlight games that there were from time to time under Nagelsmann no longer existed under Tuchel. In the end there is at least a happy championship. In any case, Tuchel only has to be measured in the coming season.