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“The mentality discussion is not appropriate”



"The mentality discussion is not appropriate"

BVB sports director Sebastian Kehl defended Borussia Dortmund’s weak performance in the top game against FC Bayern Munich.

“We don’t start the mentality discussion after a game like this today. It’s not appropriate. The team has shown really good performances in the last few weeks,” said Kehl after Dortmund’s bankruptcy (2: 4) in the mixed zone. “We fought our way out and developed further. We won’t let that break us.”

At the same time, BVB knows that “we didn’t play well. We made a lot of mistakes and were punished for them. But we’re Borussia Dortmund. We’re getting up again. The thing isn’t over yet,” Kehl continued.

They were never “up to par” against the strong Bavarians, although they had planned a lot before the game. “That’s why we lost the game,” analyzed the BVB sports director. “We lost compactness and order relatively quickly and showed a certain lack of discipline, which actually hasn’t happened to us at all in the past few weeks. That wasn’t good today. We’re also being criticized for that today.”

From Sunday, the view would then be directed “forward” again. “There are still a lot of points to be awarded. The championship is not decided today,” said Kehl. “But today is a bitter day for us. It hurts. We are very disappointed.”