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The press conference with Thomas Tuchel before the top game against BVB in the live ticker



Thomas Tuchel

Before the top game against BVB, Thomas Tuchel, as the new head coach of FC Bayern Munich, will answer questions from the press. You can follow the FCB media round here in the live ticker.

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FC Bayern: The press conference with Thomas Tuchel before the BVB game in the live ticker

Tuchel on the weeks of truth: “It’s definitely the weeks of truth. April and May are important weeks for FC Bayern when there are titles to be won. Normally, the club is used to leading the league and maybe concentrating on other competitions. But that’s not the case now.”

Tuchel on his Chelsea sacking: “It was quite a shock. The meeting was only 3-5 minutes at 8am. We all thought we were on the right track and had more time to build something. Now I’ve found a new challenge and I’m glad to be here. I still have a lot of friends at Chelsea and that’s not going to change.”

Tuchel on the relationship with Hans-Joachim Watzke: “The relationship has rested. And as is so often the case, the relationship improves with the rest.”

Tuchel on the BVB documentary on the 2017 attack: “Hans-Joachim Watzke and I had completely different views on that day. Some things you deal with on your own. The day was an extreme day and the main difference was that I experienced it on the bus and others didn’t. Whether that’s in a documentary I don’t know if I have to step out again.”

Tuchel about his personality: “I’ve definitely calmed down with age. I’m probably too much of a fan and too emotional that I don’t care. It’s possible that a game completely fascinates me. Then I don’t care if I’m 35 or “I’m 50. Other people have to judge whether I’m a difficult character. I have a very clear idea of ​​how I want things to be here. But I’m not a grudge person. I think that me and my team have succeeded at every club , to create a good and pleasant atmosphere, It is pointless to keep picking on it.”

Tuchel on his memories of Munich: “I combine my time at FC Englischer Garten with Munich. Otherwise, my family lives nearby. For years, I drove past the Allianz Arena to my job at FC Augsburg. That’s why it feels very good now. I enjoy every day. Working so close to my hometown and in my home state is something special.”

Tuchel on his first week at Bayern: “Work, sleep, eat, repeat. That was my first week. Of course, there were a lot of impressions. It felt like a month’s work. I was always tired in the evening and ready again the next day. It has to work out, no matter how much time is. It was exhausting but at the same time the best thing there is. I’m very grateful to be part of this club.”

Tuchel on working with people from the Nagelsmann staff: “So far it has worked without any problems. I want to gather my own impressions. People went with Julian Nagelsmann, some stayed. But I don’t see why working with me shouldn’t work out. I want to form my own opinion and then draw my own conclusions draw from it. But the impressions were very positive, in all departments.”

Tuchel about Kimmich: “His disappointment is understandable. It’s totally okay when Joshua or Leon Goretzka comment on it. It’s not a problem to have a close relationship with a coach. Joshua is a player who embodies Bayern Munich. He’s one of the most important things Players. It’s a gift to work with players like that. Most of the time, feedback is welcome. Together with Manuel Neuer and Thomas Müller, he’s a very important player. I didn’t feel any reservations.”

Tuchel on the starting XI: “There are a lot of players that I’ve always wanted to train. The point is definitely there. But of course there will be a very unfair line-up tomorrow because there are no impressions. I didn’t analyze the last few games completely either, because I wants to give everyone a new chance. The players should feel our support. I’m sure I won’t have many arguments tomorrow to justify a place in the bench or in the starting XI.”

Tuchel on the importance of the game: “The signal is enormous. We want to get back to the top of the table. The bar is high and the signal is definitely there.”

Tuchel on Leroy Sané: “It would be unfair if we took him out of there and did something like that. We want to bring everyone to their performance limit. It’s primarily up to the player himself. If you sign for FC Bayern, it requires mental strength. Not everyone can do that. But he Players have to be willing to push themselves to the limit every day. It’s done in small steps, day after day. The players who may have underperformed don’t need to worry about that. When a new coach comes along, everyone wants to show themselves. That has one seen.”

Tuchel on allegations from his time in Dortmund: “I think we prefer not to do that. Six years have passed since then. When I played Paris at Dortmund, I hugged a lot of people. I think we had a good relationship on the training ground. It’s been way too long come here to hold grudges and open drawers. It doesn’t do me justice and it doesn’t do you justice. I look forward to meeting people there tomorrow.”

Tuchel about Hoeneß: “FC Bayern is Uli Hoeneß and Uli Hoeneß is FC Bayern. That’s why it was important for me to get to know him personally. I wanted him to know that I wanted to take the best possible care of his club. I wanted to thank him. On a daily basis Together, of course, Oliver Kahn, Brazzo, Herbert Hainer and Marco Neppe are my contacts.”

Tuchel about his way of addressing: “I do it with my gut feeling. Sometimes I get emotional. But we want to convey to the team that it’s good and that they have incredible potential. We can’t do it if we keep it down. The importance and special nature of the rivalry and table situation is special .”

Tuchel on the key to victory: “I don’t know if there is one. The key will be that we have trust. The team can have incredible power. We had a first meeting today and practiced processes. Then we feel spread out, despite the turbulent week. “

Tuchel on Anthony Berry: “I want him to come. But that has to be settled at club level.”

Tuchel on the energy in the team: “We feel a lot of anticipation ahead of the game. The first few days were about getting a feel for each other. The good news is that everyone is up for it and wants to show themselves. Apart from Neuer, Hernández and Tel, everyone is there on board.”

Tuchel about the plan: “There’s no way I can reveal the tactical plan. On the one hand, we make a late decision and on the other, it’s too important. Today was basically the first training session with all the players.

Beginning: Thomas Tuchel is here. It starts.

Before start: For FC Bayern, everything is at stake in the game against their rivals from Dortmund. In the event of a defeat against BVB, the gap increases to a total of four points. The German record champions would then no longer be able to win the German championship in their own hands and would have to rely on slip-ups by Dortmund. With a win, on the other hand, you can overtake BVB again and take the lead in the Bundesliga.

Before start: At 1.30 p.m. the new coach of the German record champions will answer questions from media representatives.

Before start: Hello and welcome to the press conference with Thomas Tuchel ahead of the FC Bayern Munich game against Borussia Dortmund.

FC Bayern: The press conference with Thomas Tuchel before the BVB game in the live stream

FC Bayern Munich also provides a free live stream on its website. From 1.30 p.m. you can follow the press conference there. Here is the live stream.

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