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This referee is said to be whistling the top game



This referee is said to be whistling the top game

Referee Marco Fritz will apparently officiate the top game between FC Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund on April 1st. The former referee Manuel Gräfe reports this via Twitter with reference to internal sources. The Picture-Newspaper confirmed the appointment a few hours later.

For the referee from Baden-Württemberg it would be the 190th game he has overseen in the Bundesliga. Fritz has been in charge of the explosive duel between Bayern and Dortmund four times so far.

Three of the four meetings under his leadership took place in the German upper house. FC Bayern always prevailed in Munich, and the 2016 cup final with Fritz at the whistle also went in favor of the German record champions (after penalties).

Fritz will now have the honor of refereeing the top game for the fifth time – a great appreciation from the DFB, since referees are traditionally only allowed to officiate this game if they had also shown good performances in the previous season.

Gräfe himself contributed Twitter potential candidates are listed in advance and his personal assessment is given. The former FIFA referee named Deniz Aytekin first, but referred to his performance in the first leg, which had caused discussions (no yellow card for Jude Bellingham, dismissal for Kinsgley Coman).

FC Bayern vs. BVB: Gräfe spoke out in favor of Fritz

Aytekin was followed by Daniel Siebert, who, however, aroused BVB’s displeasure last season (denied Dortmund a penalty when the score was 2-1 for Bayern). Felix Brych is also not an option due to his origins, as he was born in Munich.

That’s why Fritz was one of Gräfe’s favourites, as he was “experienced” and “fresh”. In addition, he would have believed Sven Jablonski capable of the challenge. The 32-year-old is “the biggest talent” in the Bundesliga.