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Thomas Meunier causes excitement with a tweet



Thomas Meunier causes excitement with a tweet

Borussia Dortmund’s Thomas Meunier has caused an uproar with a Twitter post. In it, the BVB professional criticized a reform of the Belgian transgender law.

After a correction to the transgender law was passed in Belgium on Friday, the 31-year-old right-back criticized the subject on Friday evening.

Via Twitter he shared a report from the Belgian TV station RTBF on reform and commented: “The world is falling apart, and at great speed.” According to the new law, first names and gender can be changed several times.

His statements caused a stir and a shitstorm on the internet, to which the Belgian responded with two more tweets. “I just don’t think we should get to a point of no return,” he wrote.

But Meunier also made it clear that he only wanted to put the reform in the foreground and not speak out against sexual orientation: “You will hardly find anyone who is more open than me.”

This makes Meunier the second BVB player who has recently sparked discussions among Dortmund fans. Newcomer Felix Nmecha in particular has been criticized for having shared homophobic and transgender content on Instagram in the past.