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Thomas Müller criticizes his team and has not yet ticked off titles



Thomas Müller criticizes his team and has not yet ticked off titles

After the 3-1 defeat against RB Leipzig, Thomas Müller found clear words for the presentation of FC Bayern. However, he did not want to write off the championship title just yet.

Despite FC Bayern’s defeat against RB Leipzig and the fact that BVB can take over the top of the table with a win in Augsburg on Sunday, Müller has not yet written off the championship. “We have to put up with the blow now. Dortmund have to win both games, I want to see that first,” he said sky. He feels that “there is still something going on”.

In addition, Müller criticized the nature of the defeat. “It looks different if you’re ripped off. (…) If you look at the second half, how RB scored three goals against us, you can see that we were very weak with the ball. They didn’t beat us today, but we did invited with their own mistakes,” he said.

The idea that the German record champions could not win the cup in the end does not yet exist for Müller. “If FC Bayern isn’t top of the table, then something is wrong. I don’t know how I would feel if we didn’t win the championship. We’re going full throttle. It may also be self-protection now. I’ve experienced a few championships, even as FC Bayern wasn’t the favorite for the title yet, so I know something is still possible.”

FC Bayern – Thomas Müller: “Obviously under the claims”

In the mixed zone he followed up: “I’m actually really convinced that if we put everything into this last day of the game, then I’ve experienced enough. Mainly as a fan, when the championships were very close every year and decided on the last day of the game became.”

In addition, Müller admitted that a championship was not fully deserved. “If you look at it objectively, it may actually be the case that we may still have fallen short of our claims, which you (the journalists; editor’s note) and also from outside put to us,” he explained and added: “But I wouldn’t care at all!”