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Thomas Müller from FC Bayern denies farewell thoughts and criticizes the media: “All this cheese”



Thomas Müller from FC Bayern denies farewell thoughts and criticizes the media: "All this cheese"

Thomas Müller from FC Bayern Munich has denied the rumors that he would have thoughts of leaving. In the course of this he also criticized the media.

“Someone made up all this cheese that I supposedly think and feel and cherish,” said Müller after Bayern Munich’s 6-0 win over Schalke 04 am sky-Microphone on the report of sports picture from during the week.

Nevertheless, it did not surprise him that any rumors came up in the media landscape. “I’m not completely new to the business,” explained the 33-year-old: “It didn’t bother me very much. It was certainly exaggerated. The coach sets up, the coach distributes the roles. That’s very clear and we players are closed work. It’s clear that we all like being on the pitch. There were other players who were substituted on, independent of me, and they brought energy straight away. And that’s what it’s all about. The newspaper with the four letters that sells with my nose Of course, there are still a few leaves, and of course that makes it easy for TV stations to spark discussions.”

Müller continues: “Where it gets a bit critical from my point of view when people write and speak as if that’s my opinion. And as if you know something, what thoughts I have. I have to push that into Phantasialand. Honestly. I still have a year of contract with Bayern and my heart is red. Well, everyone’s red, but mine is maybe a little redder.”

Müller followed suit in the mixed zone. It was “wonderful” when he was reported: “You can say whatever you want. After all, we have freedom of expression. I just have a bit of a stomach ache when texts are written as if they were really my feelings. You almost watered it down again because of the large selection of options. You could almost guess that that couldn’t be quite right.”

He finds it “questionable” when false information is suggested to the reader: “You can write whatever you want. I’ll do my thing. If you’re substituted on and the games are won, then you don’t go to bed super dissatisfied. “

Thomas Müller: The situation is “okay”

For him, the current situation is “okay”, added Müller: “The coach is the one who sets things up and we players have to accept our role and perform it in the best possible way. In football, it’s never the case that anything is set in stone. That changes from week to week. Of course, there are also differences in form. At FC Bayern we don’t want to have an offensive that we only have three players and if one falls out, we have to ask the youth department. We have top players and accordingly he (the Coach; Note d. Red.) also make decisions. For me and the others, it is important to accept that.” You’ve seen in the past few weeks that the substitute players have also shown good performances.

Under coach Thomas Tuchel, Müller had only been in the starting XI for the third time against Schalke and promptly scored the goal to make it 1-0. According to the report, he would therefore consider a change due to his lack of playing time. Müller already indicated on Wednesday in an Instagram post that there was apparently nothing to it.

Nevertheless, Müller was understanding of the reporting. “We can all have the discussions in the future. Of course I find it interesting. It’s quite normal to want to make headlines. That’s your job. When I’m in front of the goal, I have to do it too,” he said sky.

Thomas Tuchel raves about Thomas Müller

Tuchel also commented on the subject after the game. Müller had shown a “very good performance, if the president says so, then the coach does not contradict (Herbert Hainer had previously described Müller as indispensable; editor’s note). As a coach, I always have to make very tough decisions. It’s worth it Don’t be afraid to open the big keg every time. We don’t do that anyway,” explained the FCB coach.

In addition, Tuchel again emphasized the importance of Müller: “At the moment Thomas is playing for his twelfth championship. He has what matters. He has the ease, experience, the absolute bite to add the twelfth medal there.” He is an “important player” who is “exemplary” at all times.