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Thomas Tuchel with a tough analysis after bankruptcy against RB Leipzig: the press conference in full



Thomas Tuchel with a tough analysis after bankruptcy against RB Leipzig: the press conference in full

Coach Thomas Tuchel analyzed the reasons for the defeat of FC Bayern Munich against RB Leipzig in an impressive way at the subsequent press conference. SPOX shows the statements verbatim.

Already on the Sky microphone, Tuchel gave the first reasons for the 1: 3 against the Saxons and criticized his players. The bankruptcy now threatens to lose the lead in the table to BVB, who are visiting FC Augsburg on Sunday.

At the obligatory press conference after the final whistle, Tuchel went into more detail.

Thomas Tuchel: The text of the subsequent press conference

Tuchel at the beginning of the press conference: “30 minutes was okay. Not more than okay, but okay. Okay enough for us to deserve a lead, okay enough to lead higher. But not what we expect, not what I thought that we can also get onto the pitch after the last few weeks and days. But still okay. After 30 minutes, a dip in performance for the first time, have become reactive, become sloppy, lost a lot of balls in the first half hour. Winning the ball, losing the ball at a level that was far too high. In the second half we then unnecessarily got sloppy and lost the thread. Freewheeling behavior, positioning, decisions we made, technical errors. I just had time, the first three, Look at four minutes of the first half from us, there are simply four blatant technical mistakes, mistakes in positioning, there are spaces that shouldn’t be there, we lose the balls.The spaces are too big against the ball, it’s not enough effort , when we have the ball. It’s well below how we imagine we want to play football. Then you let the whole second half just let us lose a game. That happened. We helped a lot.”

Question: How do you explain this slump after 30 minutes? Is there a lack of leading players on the pitch?

Tuchel: “I don’t know, I don’t think so. I see the team every day, how they train and how they treat each other in the last few weeks, that’s all I can judge. Very positive development. I’ve been doing it for a few years now and I can judge , how the quality of training is and what the mood is like. We’ve had a really good time in the last few weeks. We haven’t talked it down either. On the subject of leaders: It’s about positioning, it’s about the little things that count. What we do in training, you also have to do on the pitch. If I walk away two or three meters in training to help my team-mate, then I have to do the same in the game. It doesn’t matter how it is and who it is Minute of the game it is. When the spaces are empty and we stop playing according to our principles, then it becomes difficult and we can no longer push it in the right direction. And that’s why I’m disappointed, because we do it that way can do much better. We don’t move enough with the ball, we don’t move enough when we attack, we have to keep the field narrower, we have to play more clearly and without making mistakes together. If we don’t do that, then it’s only natural that we’ll lose a second half in Mainz and that we’ll lose a game today. With all due respect to the opponent, we gave that completely out of hand today without the opponent having to do anything for it.”


“We’re going to turn everything upside down. Of course, I’m going to watch this game again and try to analyze and try to understand how we were able to take such a glaring step backwards. Like we did in a phase like this where everyone is moving in the right direction direction, after 30 minutes we decide to go in the completely different direction, I don’t know if I’ll get an answer if I watch the game in isolation, before that I’m a bit worried that the game will give me technical and tactical answers . But why is it happening at this stage? I don’t know if I’ll find out. I’m definitely not going to look at Dortmund.”

Thomas Tuchel: “I can’t tell you why that’s missing”

Question: Can you explain what is missing from the team?

Tuchel: “Yes, I can explain what we were missing today. But I can’t tell you why that’s missing. It’s inexplicable for me because we had taken everything in the right direction and it clearly worked. We then stopped, to move, to help us, we were no longer brave enough, were no longer clearly positioned and didn’t play bravely Playing bravely doesn’t mean doing crazy things, but adapting your behavior to the situation We don’t have enough of ourselves moved from the last line, our field was too wide, in the second half we made far too many simple mistakes, I didn’t see any changes in rhythm anymore, those are the things I’ve seen, I’m very good at explaining and proving , all the things we did wrong today, but I don’t know where it all came from. It came from absolutely nothing.”

Question: Do you feel powerless as you never have as a coach today?

Tuchel: “No, it’s not the first time. It’s incomprehensible, you don’t even know where to start: defensive behavior, start-up behavior, compactness, possession of the ball? Our game becomes so flawed, so hesitant, so little rhythm, so little Bite in our game. The bite, even with the ball, to take advantage of every opportunity. The game speed is not high enough from the 30th minute to half-time. We addressed that at half-time, we had so many issues there we have to analyze now and try to find an approach again on Tuesday, but the game is complex. Can you get out of the pressure, can’t you get out of the pressure? If everything comes half-heartedly and hesitantly and sloppily, then it hangs whole game and then it looks like what it looks like today.”