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Three top clubs take a closer look



Three top clubs take a closer look

The future of Serge Gnabry is in the balance, a contract extension at Bayern Munich could be just as possible as a departure in the summer. In any case, there are interested parties for the 26-year-old.

According to information from SPOX and GOAL, three clubs have their eyes on the winger, whose contract expires in the summer of 2023: Real Madrid, Juventus and Liverpool FC.

However, Gnabry does not only determine his whereabouts on the Isar from financial points of view, personal and sporting aspects also play a role.

With FCB coach Julian Nagelsmann, Gnabry has a prominent advocate who only campaigned for staying last weekend, but the international competition also wants to make a change palatable for Gnabry.

The Spanish league leaders Real Madrid have already exchanged views with those around the former Hoffenheimer. In addition, David Alaba is a long-time teammate in the Royal squad, to which Gnabry is loud imagenewspaper should maintain a close friendship.

Gnabry as Salah’s successor to Liverpool?

But Juventus Turin is also in the running for the native of Stuttgart. Due to Gnabry’s interest in the country, fashion and design, there are also chances of a commitment in Italy.

At Liverpool FC they want to wait and see how Mohamed Salah develops. Should the Egyptian leave the club, Gnabry would be a candidate to succeed him.

The player himself wants to finish the season at FCB in the best possible way before making a decision.