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Turnaround in Anthony Modeste’s lawsuit?



Turnaround in Anthony Modeste's lawsuit?

Anthony Modeste has been suing the beverage manufacturer “Heavy 1 World GmbH” at the Bonn Regional Court since last summer because a deal between the two sides apparently failed. Now there are signs of a turning point in the process.

A former employee of the company spoke up on Friday. “There was criminal energy behind it. It was never planned that Mr. Modeste would have drinks delivered by the company,” quoted PICTURE. “Instead of going to France, the cans go to Morocco.”

The BVB striker said he had ordered energy drinks from the company and wanted to sell them under his name in France, for which he paid 250,000 euros in license fees and 100,000 for the product.

According to Modeste, the manufacturer never delivered the goods, but the entrepreneur speaks of the 34-year-old not picking it up.

A verdict is apparently to be announced on March 3rd.