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TV expert Tabea Kemme stops pickpocket



TV expert Tabea Kemme stops pickpocket

Caught in the act: Former national player Tabea Kemme was the victim of a pickpocket – and caught the perpetrator personally and handed it over to the police.

Like the 2016 Olympic champion on Sunday in Sport1 double pass reported that her smartphone had been stolen from Cologne Central Station the day before. “I noticed it right away and ran after the perpetrator,” Kemme described the incident.

The 31-year-old was on her way to M√∂nchengladbach to work as sky-Expert to accompany Borussia’s Bundesliga evening game against bottom side Schalke 04 (0:0). She asked the perpetrator “very nicely” if she could have her cell phone back: “He did that and apologized.”

However, Kemme did not want the perpetrator to get away scot-free. After the man refused to take her to the police, she used the “classic arm lock”. “Then I waved the security service over,” continued the ex-soccer player, who graduated as a police commissioner in 2017.

What was frightening, however, was that nobody reacted or helped. “Especially,” says Kemme, “where you think it’s funny that I’m taking a man away – but good.”

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