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Twelve players on the field: Bayern victory in Freiburg in danger?



Twelve players on the field: Bayern victory in Freiburg in danger?

In the 86th minute of FC Bayern’s 4-1 win at SC Freiburg, twelve FCB players were briefly on the field. The Munich team may now be threatened with an aftermath.

The scene in question took place in the 86th minute when Julian Nagelsmann made two substitutions at FC Bayern when the score was 3-1: Marcel Sabitzer and Niklas Süle came on for Correntin Tolisso and Kingsley Coman. But the latter didn’t realize that he had to go outside and played loudly sky for exactly 17 seconds.

The Freiburg bench promptly pointed out to the team of referees that Bayern had one man too many on the pitch. Freiburg coach Christian Streich called out to referee Christian Dingert: “Whistle, what shit here!” Dingert continued after an interruption and lengthy discussions. In the end there was eight minutes of stoppage time.

Bayern lose the game at the green table? In the legal and procedural regulations of the DFB, paragraph 17, paragraph 4, it says: “If a player is not entitled to play or to field a game, the game is lost 0:2 for the team that culpably fielded this player and to be scored 2:0 for the opponent, unless the game was not restarted by the referee after the player who was not eligible to play or fielded.”

Change error: Referee Dingert and Nagelsmann express themselves

The referee commented sky on the situation and explained it as follows: “It was a confused situation. Bayern indicated the wrong number when it was substituted. The number 11 then didn’t feel addressed. The fourth official then missed that the player didn’t have the place has left. Twelve players are not allowed. We noticed it relatively quickly and stopped the game. We correctly agreed with the VAR that there was no change slot or anything like that too many. There were 15 or 16 seconds in which Bayern had one player too many on the pitch. No goal was scored. We will note everything in the match report. Everything else is clarified by the DFB.”

Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann spoke at the press conference about the situation and described a similar process: “It was vague because Coco (Correntin Tolisso, ed. Red) ran in because he had stomach problems. Then the fourth official doesn’t exactly have it knew what was going to happen. Then the shirt number was wrong and King didn’t know he had to go down in that slot. It was then eight or nine seconds that we were a man too many on the court. There were two cross balls in midfield and not a game-changing scene, so now you have to question the fairness.”

Protest from Freiburg? That’s what Christian Streich says

Does SC Freiburg protest? Freiburg’s sports director Jochen Saier announced after the game sky at least that you will “see further”: “We pointed out to the referee that Bayern has eleven field players on the pitch. That was bizarre, I’ve never seen that before.” He “can’t judge the consequences. Now we all have to calm down a bit and think about it.”

At the press conference, Christian Streich then made it clear: “I don’t understand how to lodge an objection,” he said: “I firmly assume that we shouldn’t and don’t have to lodge an objection. I firmly assume that there will be a There is a set of rules. Otherwise, the door is open to speculation. In my understanding of jurisdiction, there is a set of rules.”